How To Boost Your Sagging Self Esteem

How To Boost Your Sagging Self Esteem



Head bowed low, shoulders slumped, face downcast, and overall aura reflects low disposition.


Does this describe you? What is the problem? Can’t seem to hold your head up high for everyone to see?


You need to work double time on that self-esteem! Actually, what you need to do is not complicated. You have within you everything you need in order to boost that self-esteem. Among these are the following:


First, respect yourself. You can’t expect other people to respect you if you do not honor yourself. Find something that makes you feel proud of yourself. At present, you might be thinking that you are the worst loser on this earth, a drop out, or a drug addict. But this is not the end of the world!


What could give self-respect? Friends must have admired you for a particular skill or accomplishment. You must be good at something like arts, crafts, music, mechanics, computer work, carpentry, etc. The list goes on and on. There has to be SOMETHING! Once you find out what that is, then you have something to be proud of.


Pride is a double-edged sword. Sometimes too much of something is not a good thing. This holds true with pride. Too much pride creates the impression of arrogance and self-assurance, which implies a negative image. Most people are not fond of someone who thinks too highly of himself. Too much pride makes you susceptible to looking down on people believing that you know the answer to every problem. The lack of pride is not a good thing either. You let other people step on your toes so often that you lose your self-respect.


Learn to maintain a balance by treating yourself with utmost respect. Show them what you’ve got! Be proud of your talents, accomplishments, and skills.


Second, maintain correct posture. This is a huge factor in building your self-esteem. Hold your head up high! Straighten up those slumped shoulders. Keep your eyes straight ahead and do not look at the ground. To feel positive, act positive! Show people that you are proud of yourself!


Third, indulge in a makeover. If you still can’t seem to show your face to the public because you are uncomfortable with your looks and image, then that’s easy.


Pick up that phone and make an appointment in a salon for a makeover. If this does not fit your budget, find a stylish friend who is willing to help you. Seek advice in finding the right look that matches your personality and work situation.


You might need to upgrade your wardrobe. You may need a suit and tie to project professionalism and casual clothes during weekends. It could be a new hairstyle that fits your lifestyle. Whatever it is, as long as you are comfortable and you like the new look, then it is easier to hold yourself up high.


Fourth, have realistic expectations. Expect other people to pull you down maybe out of jealousy, spite, or just for the hell of it. Something like this is sure to really get you down, especially if your confidence is already in its all time low. Never let other people get you down. Remember, giving in means LOSING. Show them what you’ve got!


As you develop high self-esteem, you will gain the respect of other people, including those who dared to try to stop you. In addition, you will also have the confidence to stand up when you fail in an endeavor. You should realize that there is nothing to be ashamed of in failure. It sounds like a cliché, but it is no less true. It does make people stronger.


Try these steps! Work double time on boosting your self-esteem! You have it within you everything you need in order to boost that self-esteem!