How to Boost Your Self esteem and Confidence

How to Boost Your Self-esteem and Confidence

How often have you listened to that inner voice within you - a word of praise “aren’t you special!’, a positive reinforcement about yourself  ‘go for it, you  can do it!‘, or even an outright discouragement ‘you are just not worth it!’. This is your self-esteem speaking.  Self-esteem is one’s appraisal of one’s worth.  Self-esteem is an index of the amount of confidence and satisfaction you have in yourself. Self esteem is the collection of beliefs we have about ourselves.This voice speaks in two ways - it can be positive and reassuring for some - for those who have a high self-esteem. At the same time, for those with a low self-esteem, this inner voice constantly criticizes, pulls them down, and negates their achievements.The characteristics of  a low self-esteem individual are all too evident, degrees, of course may vary - non-risk taker; looks for approvals externally; fears rejection; insecure, anxious, nervous with others; irrational beliefs.Why is self-esteem so important? How we feel about ourselves affects how we act and react. A high self-esteem is as essential as oxygen, as uplifting as the fragrance of fresh roses, as warm as the golden sunshine - so very vital to a healthy life and state of mind. A low self-esteem can result  in self-doubt, stress, anxiety, relationship problems, underachievement , spiraling down to a lack of interest in life itselfSelf-esteem  is derived from many factors - our goals in life, achievements, place in the world, how we relate to others, our successes/failures, how we perceive others seeing us, to name a few. Our self-esteem develops and evolves throughout our lifetime- beginning right from our childhood- and is constantly being influenced by our interactions with different people and activities.A positive self-esteem reinforces your confidence. If you have confidence, you tend to respect yourself. This further translates into a respect for others, improved relationships, confidence in one’s achievements, willingness and drive to pursue happiness, success etc. Confidence in self-helps you cope with situations in a positive light, to accept failures with a shrug, gives you the courage to try again.A positive self-esteem and confidence walk hand in hand both are essential towards having a healthy and fulfilling life. Therefore, it is very essential to focus on building a positive self-esteem for oneself, in order to avoid the feeling of being incapacitated in our daily lives. Find below a few tips on building a positive self-esteem, which is by no means an exhaustive list.Give yourself positive feedback - don’t put yourself downDo not dwell on your mistakesCelebrate your strengthsBe yourself - in all situationsSet realistic goals for oneselfExpand your comfort zones - try new thingsLike most things in life, this cannot be achieved overnight, but taking a small, confident step at a time. At every small measure of success, praise yourself, set a next achievable goal, things are looking up surely.