How to Develop Will Power

How to Develop Will Power



People often keep on dreaming of being able to take charge of their life and control their destiny. However, in many cases, the dream remains a dream and does not become a reality simply because many people do not have the discipline to pursue it.


People are born either to take charge or be charged. People have the choice to rule themselves or just let others, feelings, and conventions rule them. Though people know that they have free will, many choose to just be consumed by life.


In order to become the master of your own life, you should develop a strong sense of motivation that allows you to exercise free will and do whatever is pleased. That is called will power.


It is a sad fact that not everyone has the desire to improve themselves. Some believe that to exercise freedom, you just do whatever pleasurable comes in your way – uncontrolled sex, excessive night outs, extreme drinking, addiction to drugs, etc. But thinking deeply, can you really say that such is freedom? Being able to do vices may appear to be an exercise of liberty for some; however, what it is in reality is enslavement to vices. Rather than allowing you to enjoy life, this just makes you dependent on things that destroy life, preventing you to reach your full potential. To discipline yourself from falling from such a debilitating situation, you have to develop will power.


While the importance of will power is established, many do not know how to develop it exactly. Will power works like a muscle. When you use it, it grows; but if it is not used, it disintegrates. For some, will power comes rather naturally; but for many, it is something to work on. In such cases when will power is rather a new thing, it is advisable to take small steps first. These steps would grow into big strides.


How do you take these small steps?


People’s daily lives are full of choices. No matter how mundane these choices may be, these make up people’s fundamental option – the decision of their entire life. Small choices may include choosing what to eat, what soap to choose, and what clothes to wear. Many people are faced with indecision and opt to let others decide for them. However, these are opportunities to exercise will power, no matter how small a venue they seem. When deciding for these choices, they should do it consciously in order to realize that they are actually deciding for themselves. From this awareness, they will recognize the development of will power within themselves.


It is important to practice and exercise these small forms of will power. Eventually exercising will power would become a habit as naturally occurring as breathing or blinking. In the long run, you would be able to make major decisions in life. At that point, the control already depends on the self. Will power has developed fully.


More often than not, people know what is good for them; but a lot choose whatever path is easy even if it is not good. With will power, anyone can choose only to do what is beneficial no matter how difficult it is. To develop will power takes time; but once it is achieved, success is certain.