How to Drive Shyness Away

How to Drive Shyness Away



A wallflower cannot succeed in this competitive world. One has to stand out in order to be heard. If you are timid and shy, you will not be noticed. You have to get your point across.


To overcome shyness, you have to give yourself more credit. In other words, you must have more self-esteem. Low self-esteem often result to being shy and afraid to speak up. If you know your worth, you will not have second thoughts speaking your mind.


If you are shy, think of the many opportunities you will miss. If you lack the courage to take the extra step, you will have difficulty in going after your aspirations and goal.


There are many books on how to overcome shyness. Most of which are written by renowned psychiatrists. Some personalities also serve as models on the matter. But the only person who can help your is YOURSELF.


If you want the most basic steps, read on:


  • Start the day right with a positive image of yourself.

When you wake up and tell yourself that you are terrific, this aura eventually carries through for the rest of the day and therefore generates a positive feeling. This simple exercise can also boost your subconscious. By doing this, you can get a good start in the morning. Just go through your day with the right disposition.


  • Dress up.

Dress the part. What you wear can aid in boosting your confidence level. Try it. If you look nice, you also feel good. Have you ever noticed how those Hollywood A-Listers walk in the red carpet with chin up and all? They attribute their confidence to the designer gowns that they are wearing. You may not be clad in a multi-million dollar gown but as long as you have the right fashion sense and you are comfortable in what you are wearing, you will not be shy in approaching people.


  • Understand that it is alright to be afraid.

You cannot remove fear or anxiety. It will always be there at the back of your head. What is important is not to show it. People, like dogs, can also smell fear. They can sense it.


Try to overcome your fears by taking calculated risks. Face situations with a head-on attitude. Try out things you have never even dared trying before. Do not be afraid of rejections. Ninety-nine people may say “no” but a single “yes” makes the difference. In fact, rejection is the best teacher for a person for it drives him to reach his goal.


  • Be honest.

In order to overcome your flaws, you have to admit it. By facing the truth, you can figure out what to do about it. By admitting to yourself that you are shy, you understand that you must do more.


  • Be active.

Engage in various activities. Join clubs. Interact. Jump into any opportunity that will allow you to be in a network. Prevent tension from happening by being part of an on-the-go social circle. Be engrossed in self-development activities.


Accept yourself and appreciate your own person. Realize that there are many opportunities for improvement and that you need on work on these. Accept your flaws and work around these. Don’t use these as reasons for you to hide in the background. Remember, you only live once. You might as well live the best life ever!