How to Eliminate 9 Bad Habits

How to Eliminate 9 Bad Habits



It is hard to deny that people have quirks that are hard to break. Bad habits are normal parts of daily life. However, even if such idiosyncrasies are very common, they are still annoying or even damaging. Fortunately, it is very possible to eliminate bad habits with good will power. One just needs to know the rights steps. Here are some common bad habits and sure-fire ways of eliminating them.


1. Smoking – Perhaps this is the most damaging of all bad habits. There are many ways to quit smoking. Commercially there are smoke-quitting aids such as nicotine patches and gums, and extra fine filters. One may also join smoking support groups for help in eliminating this habit. For more desperate people, hypnosis is available.


2. Swearing – Impulsive cursing could be quite embarrassing and sounds very impolite. To eliminate curses, one can try to replace bad expressions with similar sounding but neutral words. One can also inflict small punishments, such as paying a dollar, every time a bad word is uttered. Conversely, one can also give self-rewards for curse-free days.


3. Spitting – This is a very rude habit, but there are people who find it difficult to quit. To eliminate the spitting habit, always bring tissue papers or napkins where you can spit it out, and throw it away when you see a trash can. One may also do a similar form of reward and punishment scheme as the one used in the swearing habit above.


4. Talking with the mouth full – This is one of the age old rules that mothers impose on their children. It is both impolite and annoying. To avoid it, one may ask a friend or a partner to constantly give reminders whenever it is done.


5. Nail biting – Some say this is a sign of insecurity or nervousness; but whatever the reason, this habit definitely damages the nails, and even the teeth. To stop nail biting, one can make use of those anti-nail biting polishes that have foul tastes to prevent one from nibbling. One can also wear gloves, although that can be too warm for summer.


6. Gossiping – Tattletales are definitely annoying and the habit of gossiping is yet another popular, but damaging hobby. To stop gossiping, one can do activities that keep one’s mind off rumors. One may take up hobbies and do useful work instead, though those may also be venues for further gossip.


7. Constant complaining – Whining is a great sign of immaturity which can irritate people very much. To prevent complaints, one should always look at the bright side, the other end of the rainbow – what is good in every situation. One should also be conscious, constantly thinking of what to say before saying it.


8. Procrastination – This is one of the most debilitating habits that prevent people from being successful To stop procrastinating, one should keep schedulers and organizers. One can also give self-rewards for every task done on schedule.


9. Showing off – Bragging about one’s abilities and possession is yet another very annoying habit that people do. Unfortunately, a lot of show-offs do not realize that they are quite boastful. The first step to eliminating this habit is to realize and to accept that one is arrogant. After which one may understand that there is no need to impress people all the time.


Bad habits can be hard to break, but it is possible to eliminate them. With the right sense of awareness and urgency to change, one can eliminate bad habits permanently.