How to Find Your First Clients In Online Freelance Writing

How to Find Your First Clients in Online Freelance Writing



Let’s say you have decided to be a freelance writer online. You have made a review of your writing skills and your “specialties.” You have a very good, solid idea on what you can offer to your client.


But where do you look for clients? The Internet actually offers a large “database” where you can get your prospective clients:


  • Freelance writing jobsites. This is like the classifieds, except that in here you get to answer the classifieds – or rather, writing projects – by bidding. Some freelance jobsites allow you to bid for free, while others, like, require payment.


When you type “freelance writing jobs” or something close in your search engine, you will easily find the jobsites as well as simple advertisements offering freelance writing opportunities.


  • Forums, e-groups and other online communities. This is an effective medium especially if you actively discuss with other members or even just occasionally make a comment or two. Also, you may also have already established good relationships and trust with some of the members who might make very good clients.


Writing communities are good as members may share writing opportunities with other members from time to time. Online business communities are better as those are where your clients are.


  • Direct proposals. During your Internet surfing time, you may find websites and blogs with not very good content. Or articles in directories which are screaming to be overhauled. In times like these, you might consider writing a proposal directly to the online business owner on how you can help him/her improve his business’ performance through your writing.


  • Referrals from family and friends. If they know online business owners, half the fight is over. Their referred people will be more likely to hire you since you were referred by a friend they trust.


You can do two items simultaneously or even all. Finding your clients and marketing yourself may be time-consuming at first, but once you have your first clients, things will be easier. If they are happy, they will continue to give you projects. Or referrals to other people they know. Maybe even both.