How to Get Rid of Procrastination in 5 Simple Ways

How to Get Rid of Procrastination in 5 Simple Ways



Procrastination can be a problem for most people. I, myself, am such a master procrastinator that I can easily get awards for being so good at it. Procrastination is analogous to laziness. You set things aside, knowing that there’ll be lots of time to do them in the next hours, days, or even weeks. Personality-wise, procrastination is not positive! It’s a negative force that results in unutilized skills and dullness.


You might be thinking, then, what, really, are the causes of procrastination? Here is a list of typical reasons why I go on procrastinating.


The right mood. Funny as it may seem, I always wait for the  right mood where I feel so happy or active to do certain things. I can consider my mood as a factor to motivate me in accomplishing work.


The right time. To go with mood is the right timing. There are times when I wake up and prepare to clean the pile of laundry in my basket. But, just as I am willing to wash clothes, the rain suddenly pours. Then it’s procrastination time again.


Underestimating the time and difficulty of accomplishing a task. I may sound arrogant, but, oftentimes, I underestimate the difficulty of a job. I keep telling myself I can do it in just a short time (and eventually end up with half-baked work).


Unclear tasks. I always procrastinate when I don’t know what to do and what goals to accomplish.


Perfectionism. Up to now, I can’t decide if this is a positive or negative attitude. I delay finishing a task because I see to it that every detail, no matter how minute, is well-examined.       


It’s ironic that I should be the one giving you tips on how to deal and get rid of procrastination, as I also am guilty of it. But, as they say, a good teacher is someone who had actually undergone the experience. Let me tell you this: all these tips can only be effective if you have a heart to follow them regularly!


  • Be organized. Starting today, organize your things, your room,your time, and your life. Set goals and clearly devise ways to accomplish them. An organized desk can be a good area for work. Finishing a rush report your boss told you to do can be easily and efficiently done if you have set your goals and mapped out methods on how to do it.


  • Set plans! Get your planner and write down all your plans, both for short-term and long-term. Ironing the clothes and cleaning the house can easily be accomplished when you know you have a time limit. As an initial step, plan for a whole day’s work and follow it religiously. It would be better to allot time to certain activities you need to accomplish. For example, an hour to iron clothes. After some time, you will be able to do a week-long plan and so on. Just be conscious not to be too adamant with your entire schedule and always leave ample time for certain emergencies and rest.


  • Time management. Observe your personal time management strategies. Start from the time you go to work to the time you sleep at night. Be sure that you sustain a time balance between your family life, work life, and other personal activities.   


  • Control yourself and stay focused! When your brain is telling you to just sleep and neglect the paperwork that need to be accomplished, try to be in control and concentrate.  Focusing on what you will and should do are great motivators for you to move constantly.   


  • Just do it! Know how to discipline yourself. A simple act of cleaning a mess should be done in an instant. Just think that you’re doing it not only for your own sake but for all the members of the family.


If you always observe yourself as having low productivity, this is the time to take a grip and get rid of procrastination habits. You are in charge of all you do and these delaying tactics are simply not useful. Procrastination will not develop you personally; it’s just a way of prolonging your work further and widening the risk for a half baked finish. Set yourself free from procrastination and get moving NOW!