How to Handle Difficult People Easily

How to Handle Difficult People Easily



Whether you admit it or not, they are everywhere; and no matter how hard you try to avoid these kinds of people, there’s always a high risk of bumping into them. They can be in your school, workplace, community, or maybe in your family. Learning to cope with difficult people is considered a skill. Not everyone has the ability to deal with them without losing their wits.


Below are some tips that will help you keep your cool and your cards intact the next time you get to encounter complex people.


  • Extend The Thread Of Your Patience. No matter what you say and do, you’ll never get an unmanageable person down. So, the best weapon you could probably have is to always keep your cool. Remember, when this person sees that you are being aggravated and are starting to lose your temper, all the more will they find a reason to fight you back.


  • Never, Ever, Force Them To Agree With You. Since difficult people always think that they are always right, there’s no way you can win against them, no matter the amount of reasoning you give. So, if you can, resist the urge to fight and win over an argument because you never will. Even you reach court, the chances of him or her accepting that he or she is wrong is still far-fetched.


  • Be Careful With Pushing their Buttons. One touch on the wrong button and you’re doomed. Handle difficult people with care, unless you want them throwing tantrums at you. Learn to go with the flow. The secret is not to avoid them but to sail with them. As what people usually say, “Different strokes with different folks.” And, obviously, these kinds of people need more special stroking than the others.


  • Respect Each Other’s Opinions. Since you can never get this person to agree with you, it is better to just respect his opinion and relinquish the idea of you and him agreeing with one thought. That is, unless, you finally decided to see eye to eye and give up your belief.


  • Don’t Take Things Personally. According to philosopher Don Miguel Ruiz, difficult people are those kinds of people who live in their own dreams and versions of reality. So, every time a person gives you a hard time, just remind yourself that all he or she says about or against you is just his or her means of projection from a state of incognizance.


Just let everything he or she says enter your right ear and exit the left. Don’t take personally any harsh and rude things he or she is saying because the truth of the matter is, they don’t really see and care about you; they’re just concerned about their own interpretation of things and you.