How to Live a Creative Life

How to Live a Creative Life?



You have a great idea. You have a big dream. It is the perfect time to start. You have all the resources. Everything is ready for you to start achieving massive success.


But unfortunately, you can’t take a single step. It is like you’re chained and tied.


Fears start to dominate your mind and all your thoughts are around “What if I am wrong?”, “What if I failed?”, “What people will say?”.


Then you decide to kill your dreams and your brilliant ideas and stay in your comfort zone. You decide that a life of mediocrity is your optimum choice.


This is the real misery.


You are sabotaging your future. You are killing your dreams and aspirations. You are limiting your potential, because you are afraid of being wrong.


No more!


“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong” – Joseph Chilton Pearce


To unleash your creativity, to be unique and to express your true self, you must stop your fears. You must face your fears.


What is the worst thing that could happen? Are you going to die?


You have 50/50 chance. You will either stay where you are, so you will lose nothing, or you are going to succeed beyond your imagination, and this does worth all your efforts.


Don’t limit your creativity and your chances of success just because you’re afraid. Successful people don’t avoid failure. They understand that failure is the path to success.


Be brave and unleash your creativity! Face your fears.