How to Manage Your Anger

How to Manage Your Anger?



We can lose everything in a moment of anger. We can lose friends, money, health and even our lives.


It is vital to understand how to manage anger.


In this article I'm going to show you one of the best ways to manage anger. Anger is easy to manage if we understand how to attack it and stop it from increasing.


One of the best ways to attack anger was stated long time ago by the master Chinese thinker and social philosopher, Confucius.


Here is what he said...


"When anger rises, think of the consequences." – Confucius, 551-479 B.C., Chinese Thinker and Social Philosopher


That is truly amazing!


In just a few words, Confucius laid out a secret weapon to kill anger at its very beginning.


When you feel that you are becoming angry, stop and think of the consequence. What will happen if you act based on your anger? What will happen if you let anger dominate? Will you be happy of the consequences?


What if you controlled your actions? Would it be better to think how to resolve the situation that caused your anger or let yourself and emotions to be jeopardized by anger?


I think you know very well what negative effects anger has on every aspect of your being. It affects your mind, emotions, health, etc.


Don't ever let it dominate. Stop and think of the consequences. When you see the destructive consequences that anger can lead you to, you will realize that it is far better to relax and think thoroughly how to wisely respond to a certain situation.


If you let anger rise and dominate, it is very hard to control it.


Kill it from the beginning.


Awareness is a vital key. Be aware of your emotions and anger level and use your secret weapon that you learned in this article...Think of the consequences!