How to Overcome Shyness by Starting A Hobby

How to Overcome Shyness by Starting A Hobby



Shyness is a malady that affects almost anyone no matter what his sex or economic status is.  No one can really expect how a person can be so shy but it has something to do with the way a person is reared, the lack of self esteem or some other factors that is beyond his control.


There are people who may appear bold outside but they really are shy deep inside.  They just know how to handle their shyness.  However, there are also people who could not control their shyness that they inhibit from normal activities that they should be doing regularly.


So one how does one get rid of shyness?  It has something to do with the psychological make up of a person.  Thus, if you are a shy person then you have to improve your self confidence and believe that you are a special person who also possesses certain gifts that can be shared with other people.


If you are so shy that you do not even have friends then you should do something about it.  Start by joining clubs or organizations with small memberships and then participate in their activities.


If you cannot do this then you can start by doing something by yourself first until such time that you have gathered enough confidence to talk and relate to people who are doing the same stuff.


You can start with a hobby like scrap booking or baking.  When you have gathered enough expertise in your hobby, you would be more of yourself and you would have more things to talk about.  


If you are buying specialty papers or other accessories for your scrap booking project, you would also bump into others who are into the same thing.  While in a mall or a specialty shop, you can ask these people questions about the hobby or you can help someone who is just beginning his hobby.


Being constantly exposed to people of the same interests will give you more courage to socialize with them on a bigger level. Perhaps, you can join a scrap booking party or even organize your own scrap booking party.  You will then be able to build a close knit of friends from among the hobbyists.


You can also do the same things with other hobbies.  This would not be so difficult because you are doing something you love and interacting with people who love the same things as you would be more comfortable than dealing with total strangers.


As you become an expert in your hobby, you would be able to develop enough self confidence to socialize with other people even those outside your circle of friends comprising your hobby group.


Using your hobby as a springboard, you can then experiment by talking to other groups of people who may have different interests.  Your new-found confidence will help in getting out of your shell and finally release you from your shyness.


By being an expert in your chosen hobby, you would have something to talk about with much confidence since you know the craft inside and out.  Some people would even approach you first because they want to get your opinion on such hobby.


Shyness is really a psychological thing and a person who conditions his mind and who is determined to beat shyness can rise above the condition.