How to Overcome Shyness Through Singing

How to Overcome Shyness Through Singing



Shyness can start at an early age and this can have a great effect on your life as an adult if it goes unchecked.  A parent who notices some symptoms of shyness in his child should help his child become more confident by encouraging him to play with other kids or to learn special skills that will expose him to groups of people.


A person who is so shy he can sit down for hours in a party talking err and mumbling to himself, should do something about his condition if he wants to lead a normal life.  Shy people normally do not have many friends and support groups so they should take the first move and help themselves get over their shyness.


There is no easy way to cure shyness but you can gradually get rid of this malady by doing some things that will help you.  You can start getting rid of shyness by greeting every person you happen to pass by a good morning or a good day.  These are two words but if you are able to muster enough courage to say them to these people then you are on your way to ridding yourself of shyness.


If you have a good or even just a passable voice then you can take up singing as a hobby.  Singing can be a solo thing and you can sing at the top of your voice in your bedroom, in your bathroom while taking a bath and no one can hear you except your family members.


Once you have mustered enough courage to sing in public then practice on songs that goes perfectly with your voice range.  This way you are able to give a good performance and it will help you boost your confidence.


If you are a student then you can join school activities like the Intramurals or other programs where you can showcase your singing prowess.  Success and popularity are like magnets that attract people so if you are able to sing well at these events, you will have a small group of people who will start talking to you all the time or would even go far to accompany you during mealtimes.


If you are an office worker then why not showcase your singing prowess during the office party?  Everybody loves a winner and if you can show them you can sing well then you would be an office favorite especially during programs.


Singing will give you the opportunity to believe in yourself and show yourself that you have a special talent you can share with others.  As you gain a lot of confidence in your singing you would be able to socialize better and to develop rapport with people.


Singing is a hobby that requires training and hard work.  You will not learn how to sing overnight so you have to invest time and effort in singing.  As you practice your skill in singing you would be able to unlearn shyness and then learn some socializing skills that will help you get along with other people later on.


Shyness is really lack of character and deficiency in your self worth.  If you can prove to yourself that you can do something if you work hard enough to achieve it like singing, then you would be more confident that you have something special within you that would make it worthwhile for other people to at least talk to you.