How to Rock That Interview And Land That Job

How to Rock That Interview And Land That Job



It's inevitable. When you get out of college, sooner or later you'll have to find a job. When you look for it, you WILL be interviewed. Be it an entry-level position or a big-time managerial post, everyone goes through it. But a job interview need not be as nerve-wrecking as it seems. If you're prepared and know what your goals are, it's not likely you'll trip.


Here are some tips to bear in mind before going to that interview and landing your dream job.


  • Don't be late!

Never ever be late for an interview. It's unprofessional; it's disrespectful; it gives off the impression that you really aren't up to it. No one buys the 'family emergency' or 'sick' excuse. And don't even attempt to use traffic as an excuse, either. If you can't show up on time for an interview, how can you be trusted to manage your tasks smoothly?


  • Practice the handshake

Make eye contact and squeeze your interviewer's hand just right. Not too hard, nor too weak.


  • Don't badmouth your ex-boss

When asked to talk about your previous jobs, enumerate your tasks and responsibilities. Never talk bad about your former company or boss or workmates, even if they were the meanest people in the planet. While you might think you're getting points for being honest and open, you're losing major brownie scores for tactlessness. No one wants to hire a sour-graper.


  • Dress appropriately

During interviews, whether company heads will admit to it or not, how you look DOES matter. So dress the part. No colorful stuff; no revealing slits or plunging necklines; or red sneakers. Unless, of course, it's an animation job.


  • Do your research

Know what you're getting into. Search the Internet for information about the company you're applying for, as well as the job you're trying to bag. So when your interviewer asks you what you know about them, you won't go "uh..."


It's fine and understandable to think through taking a job. Think carefully before you accept an offer because the last thing you want to be is an employee who quits after a week. Imagine what that would do to your resume and your references. Nobody likes quitters. And quitters never win. Happy job hunting!