How to Set Goals

How to Set Goals



It’s so easy to set a goal for yourself, right? Right? Wrong, actually. Most people set a goal for themselves, but forget the most essential things to make the goal come true: commitment and willpower.

While most people start out an achievable goal for the first day and try different techniques or methods to make the goal come true, sometimes the desire to achieve this goal wanes out. And in the end, they are back to where they started: planning out another achievable goal that they plan to do, and then don’t continue doing it for the reason that they don’t have commitment and willpower.

How can you have commitment or willpower to achieve that goal?

There is no secret recipe to this. Commitment involves a sense of virtual imagination, wherein one can see oneself becoming what he or she wants to become in the near future. For practical purposes, in order to establish a commitment for yourself, try writing out a schedule for what you need to achieve to have that goal in place. If you want to have a slimmer body (considering that you need to lose weight immediately), try writing down on a piece of paper the things you need to do to get rid of the fat. Examples are going to the gym and taking in lots of healthy food. As much as possible, write down how many times a week you need to go to the gym and for how many hours. You also need to write down what kinds of food that you need to take for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If possible, tack your schedule on your refrigerator door in case you forgot your schedule.

Another way of monitoring your progress is to write everything in a journal. For day 1, you lost 5 pounds, for example. This goes and on, until the day you lost that weight and you have achieved the goal of having a slimmer body.

Without willpower, there is no commitment. Willpower is the one that takes you out of bed to do the things that you need to do to achieve that goal. Willpower is the one that makes you crackle on the spot to achieve the goal that you have set for yourself. Willpower is the one that forces you to achieve that goal, no matter how painful or how challenging your goal is.


The most important thing is you have commitment and willpower to get what you want.