How to Stay Awake in Class

How to Stay Awake in Class



You may have classes of different levels of interest. Some may be boring, some may be worth anticipating; you may even have classes you wish you don’t have to take. Here are some tips to stay awake in your most dreary classes:


  • Have enough sleep the night before. The average sleep for an adolescent is 8 hours daily. Of course, we can’t avoid those late nights or early mornings that we have to stay awake, but make sure that the reason is academics, and not those booty calls. You know what I mean.


  • Exercise. Make your muscles and bones happy by giving them stretches first thing in the morning. Some of us might have classes in the sixth floor, then the sixth floor of another building. Engaging in morning exercise prepares your body for that tedious stair-climbing and helps blood circulate to your brain.


  • Caffeine. Coffee, cola, chocolates, and the like stimulate the Central Nervous System. This means that taking generous amounts of caffeine keeps your brain working. However, too much is never good; excessive caffeine can cause insomnia, anxiety, and the like. So, if you don’t want to end up being a lifeless vegetable, be careful with your intake.


  • Eat. Never come to class hungry, because an empty stomach won’t help your brain and body fully work. Add to that the embarrassment of hearing your tummy grumble, crying for food. In simple words, an empty stomach distracts your concentration.


  • Take down notes. You may be the best in memorizing things but we only use 10% of our brain. It’s good to take down notes to keep you busy and to remember things the teacher gave emphasis on. You can use acronyms or any other shortcuts; the good thing here is you can rewrite or edit your notes after class.


  • Say something. Be participative. Join a debate, ask questions, and clarify things you don’t understand. Formulate questions in your mind, construct them into sentences, and speak up.


  • Read in advance. It’s good to have an idea on what the subject or the topic is about. Besides, who knows when your teacher will give you a surprise quiz? Surely a surprise quiz will keep you awake.


  • Sit with a “comfortable” classmate. Sit with someone who knows your problem and could help you stay attentive. Sit with someone whom you can ask questions regarding class matters. Do not, however, sit with someone who will tempt you to chat whole period; or else, your concentration will fly away.


  • Concentrate. Keep your brain busy by following the teachers’ discussions, not by daydreaming. Daydreaming may lead you to narcolepsy or cataplexy- states of muscular weakness that makes you lose mentally asleep even though you’re physically awake.


Come on, have some interest in your class. It may be the most boring subject; but hey, maybe if you give it a little chance, it wouldn’t seem that boring after all. Enjoy every experience college life gives you.