How To Stay Focused On Your Priorities

How To Stay Focused On Your Priorities



Staying focused on your priorities can be a full-time job by itself.


A long list of daily tasks is waiting to be done, and other distractions pop out at the last minute, requiring your full attention. All these distractions sometimes lead you farther and farther away from focusing on your priorities in life.


Here are some tips to strengthen your resolve and regain your focus on priorities:


  • Make an overall plan on the goals you have to achieve in support of your priorities. Prioritize which goal should be accomplished first to be able to proceed to the next one. Keep track of your progress. You have to keep on monitoring your activities so that you do not go astray.


  • Your plan should have a timetable to prevent procrastination. Put self-imposed deadlines in order to discipline yourself to focus on your priorities.


Penalize yourself whenever you fall short of your scheduled deadlines. The penalty should support your goal. For example, your priority is to learn a new foreign language and become proficient in 6 months. You enrolled in a language school. However, you missed one class. As a penalty, you double your effort in studying the language. You add extra hours to your study time.


Likewise, reward yourself for every accomplishment of goals. If you achieve your goal, treat your self to extra rest time, buy a good book, go to an excellent restaurant, and so on.


  • Join support groups who share similar priorities. You check on others’ progress while they do the same to you. Checking on each other’s progress is like being in a competition. Naturally, you do not want to finish last.


  • Surround yourself with reminders. Post notes on the door to remind you of priorities as you dash out each morning. The refrigerator door, mirrors, car dashboard, penholders, and wallet are just some of the viable places to put notes or reminders. The more frequent you see these reminders, the more focused you will be.


  • Your priorities may require a budget. Be sure to allocate funds. Projects in government or private entities require a certain budget. Your priorities work in similar manner. Self-help authors refer to this practice as ‘investing in yourself.”


  • Small actions and activities supporting your priorities may seem insignificant, but becomes relevant when cumulative effects are considered. Besides, little actions prod you to stay focused to your priorities. A typical example is this. If physical fitness is your priority, taking the stairs, instead of the elevator, will support your endeavor.


  • Practice self-discipline. If you are keeping an eye on your weight, skipping dessert (even if it is your favorite part of the meal!) will ultimately be in line with your aim. At the same time, you stay focused.


Try these strategies to help you keep on track. Staying focused on your priorities can be a challenge. Make it a point to stay focused on your priorities; after all, it concerns YOU.