How to Stop Being a Green eyed Monster

How to Stop Being a Green-eyed Monster



Everyone has experienced, at least once in their lifetimes, the feeling of envy and insecurity towards other people. Whether it’s material, love, status, body, or career envy, this negative feeling should be stopped once and for all, before it gets destructive. Below is a list of things you need to do when the lure of “I want it all” strikes you.


  • Concentrate More on Your Own Qualities Instead of drooling over someone’s achievements and good looks, focus on your unique qualities. Your officemate might be more good looking than you are, but everyone may agree that you are smarter than her. Learn to appreciate what you have and make it an edge against others.


  • Lift Your Self-Esteem. Believe and trust that if others can get a promotion, then you also could. It’s all about timing. Like what Seneca, a Roman dramatist, philosopher and politicians said, “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.” So always be ready; so that when opportunity knocks, you can welcome it with open arms. Just be patient and your time will come, if you really deserve it.


  • Do Away With the TV Marathon. Television makes you want what you don’t necessarily need. Seeing the latest gadgets and stylish clothes on the tube makes you long for them even more. Thus, when you see other people sporting the hottest cell phones in the market, you end up buying one for yourself, too, even if it means being in debt and starving yourself just to keep up with the latest fad.


  • Befriend That Threat. Being close to the person whom you envy helps you know her more. As a result, you’ll get the chance to know the real her and find out if she’s really someone to be envied. She might have a good looking boyfriend but, who knows if that guy of hers is a player? Now, is that something to be envied? She might be rich and successful, but how about her relationship with her family? Keep in mind that not all things are given to one person. You might think that she has it all but once you see that everyone has flaws, you will start to feel better and accepting about yours.


  • Make Envy Work For You. Sometimes, not all envy is bad. At times, you can make envy work for you in positive ways. It can motivate you to go forward and aim to also reach other people’s achievements, without being destructive. Good envy is something that inspires you to hone your skills and attain your goal.