How to Use Your Sense Of Humor To Maintain A Happier Relationship

How to Use Your Sense Of Humor To Maintain A Happier Relationship



Most dating surveys would show you that people have these three things as their top requirements when looking for the right partner: a good physical appearance, financial stability and a sense of humor.


Of course, individuals want their prospective partners to practice good grooming and know how to handle monetary responsibility. However, most studies have shown that a great sense of humor is topmost in a number of lists. Laughter is the answer to a lot of worldly issues. And since a sense of humor usually generates laughter, it is one of the most sought after traits.


A lot of people see those with a sense of humor and smart wit as very attractive, particularly because humor transforms an otherwise serious and stiff conversation into something that is lighter and easier to digest emotionally and psychologically. A person with no sense of humor is often left alone in a crowd. In contrast, if you have a sense of humor, you become the life of the party.


Laughter is the best medicine, true. Not only will a sense of humor open you up to social opportunities and gain you new friends, it is also actually physiologically beneficial.


Laughter is good for the heart. A person who constantly sulks and is too serious about the things around him or her is more likely to be depressed than a person who has a great sense of humor.


So how do you hone your sense of humor to get more people to like you? It all starts with keeping a positive attitude toward yourself and your surroundings. Once you've mastered this and quit pointing fingers to blame and, instead, turning to laughter to face problems, you're on your way to becoming a social 'god'.


Some tips to a great sense of humor:


1. Learn to laugh at yourself and at the things that happen to you.


A lot of people find themselves unable to humor themselves because of insecurity and personal fears. Such people are the ones who are too conscious about what others will think of them that they won't even bother risking acting a little foolish and looking silly in front of others.


This isn't healthy at all. You must recognize that you are only human and that everybody makes mistakes. It's okay to appear silly sometimes. In fact, it's what makes light of any situation. So, ease up and don't get tensed over everything.


2. Use light humor in the middle of conflict to lessen the tension.


When you find yourself locking horns with another person, cutting in a joke about yourself or the situation helps lower the incidence of the event escalating into a full-blown fight. This is how powerful laughter and a positive attitude is. Your 'opponent' will appreciate you for it. After all, nobody wants to fight.


3. Surround yourself with equally humorous and life-loving people.


Having a great sense of humor really won't have much bearing if you associate yourself with people who are always pessimistic. Hang out with the happy group and you will find that you become more pleasant than ever.


4. Read up for new material.


The Internet and books are goldmines to new joke materials. Update yourself and read funny stories so you'll have something new to discuss at the next gathering. People will many stories to tell is what makes any party going through the night. Be that person.