How To Work Out Your Creative Mind

How to Work Out Your Creative Mind



Think outside of the box. Does it ring a bell? Creative ideas are so precious that copywriters and advertisement gurus sell hundreds of projects equivalent to thousands, if not millions. You can say that it takes a lot of guts to think brilliant beyond brilliant ideas, and have them sold to multinational corporations for profits. But do you need to be working in an advertising agency or be an artist so you can think of brilliant ideas?


Being creative does not work that way. You need not be a genius to come up with sensible or profitable ideas. All you have to do is think of something new, something that can make a difference for the better. The following will help you enhance that creativity within you:


1.Be an optimist from thoughts to words to deeds. Words can build a nation as it can kill a mocking bird at the same time. Remember that words represent your thoughts. Whatever your mind and heart dictate, they become your words. At times, we speak words that are less appealing to others but we do not mind them at all. When you talk of negative words, what do you think these words represent? These represent negative feelings. So, if you want to be creative, drop those negative words out of your thoughts. You will get that lighter feeling of self-satisfaction; and many people around you will appreciate you more than you can imagine.


2.Increase your curiosity stamina. Feel free to ask questions if in doubt. Also, be a wide-reader. Start reading any topics that would enhance your conversational and reasoning skills. Especially, read topics unfamiliar to you. Ask questions about other people’s experiences. Remember that experience is the best teacher. If you lack experience, ask questions.


3.Clarify your personal and professional goals. Use these goals and set your mind for early success. You may list your goals and establish a concrete time frame when you can achieve these goals. In this regard, it is best for you to create long-term and short-term goals and commit yourself in taking action to achieve the best results of your goals. Expect that you can reach your goals. Expect that you are capable of succeeding.


Once you have established your personal creativity, it is important that you act accordingly. Time is your key element. It means that success is time bound; hence, creativity requires immediate actions. If you thought of a brilliant idea, jot it down. Talk this brilliant idea to your family, friends, or colleagues and solicit feedbacks. Great minds think alike, so never be afraid to speak your thoughts. Visualize your brilliant idea as something that is bankable. If there are new programs in your organization, take the initiative to be a part of the program.


Moving forward, remember that creativity is always attached to success. Think about how the Newton’s Law of Gravity started? Well of course, we cannot attest the fact that this law has been there since the world began. However, what Sir Isaac Newton used is his common sense, otherwise known to be as the reason. In the same manner, and for us to be creative and successful, our reasoning needs to be sharpened. Reasons work initially in our minds and they stay there until you unleash them through concrete words and actions, just like athletes. They visualize their success before they even act on it. So just how powerful is the mind? There is no need for you to be a genius to be creative. Start with a ‘why’ and end it with a period.