How Would You Practice Assertiveness to Develop Your Career

How Would You Practice Assertiveness to Develop Your Career?



Do you want to be more effective in your workplace?  Everybody definitely wants to be praised by his or her boss.  And no one wants to have a bad impression from others.  Good interpersonal relationship would be the solution for a better career development.  


Picture an organization, whose workers are in good terms. They have a harmonious relationship with each other.  No conflict, no discord, such a peaceful environment.


Obviously, you will imagine that this particular office is successful.  Inevitably, their gross income would be a bountiful fruit of their labor!


This will be the scenario if the employees are working hard.  They have a good attitude towards their job.  They have good relationship with each other.  They help one another.  They are effective together.  


But sometimes, some people really don’t go together.  Meaning, they are not effective together.  This maybe is due to the fact that there is no rapport among them.  The boss usually intimidates employees.  


What could be the best solution?  Actually, you can influence to make a change.  Whether you’re a boss or an employee, the first move for change is in you.  Change your attitude for the better.  Learn how to assert.  


Assertion is not negative concept, since it will enable you to convey your feelings and opinions to one another.  Voice yourself!


If you think you’re right, declare it.  Assertiveness training has now been commonly practiced in most companies nowadays.  Several personnel and even the boss himself undergo such workshops.  This will benefit both the you and your company as well, for sure.  


There is nothing wrong in trying.  It will be helpful for you to be able to develop your career and self esteem.  This training is one aspect of career development, in view of the fact that the employees themselves are involved in the process.  They engage themselves for their own learning and for the improvement of their organization.


Assertiveness Training


This is an approach by which an individual is subject to openly utter his or her feelings to another person.  It makes a person bolder.  Its purpose is to solve problems.  This would be a good training for you, when you’re too hesitant to voice-out.   


However, it doesn’t allow you to develop a feeling of superiority.  A problem will not be resolved when you think you’re always right, even at times you’re wrong.  This training will teach you how to balance situations, how to accept reality.  


Trainings and seminars like this can help participants to be more efficient and productive in their job.  Hence, they will attain better management of day-to-day work.  They will also experience less stress.  


However, being assertive won’t assure you that your co-workers will treat you the way you want to.  It also doesn’t mean that by being assertive, you will be able to avoid stressors and aggressive people.  On the contrary, not being so, at times ignite conflicts.


Such workshops should be performed in a peaceful setting.  This will persuade delegates to observe and apply certain techniques on having a positive assertive behavior.  Several recreational approaches like social participation, group activities, video and role-playing can be employed to develop better learning.


How to be more Assertive


Once you have the skills, it is important to note that you have to apply them very carefully.  Consider the people you are mingling with.  Be kind and considerate; understand that different people have different feelings and reactions towards criticisms.  Be humble enough to acknowledge your mistakes.


There are many ways by which you can be humble to accept other’s opinion about you.  As proven by experts, you can make posters that demonstrate a positive attitude towards aggressors.  Accustom yourself to condemnations.