How You Can Cope Up with Fear and Phobia

How You Can Cope Up with Fear and Phobia



An inexplicable and illogical fear of certain objects or circumstances is termed as Phobia. The deep-rooted fear sometimes leads to the affected person even fleeing from the objects or circumstances. Phobia can get so entrenched that it even prevents you from carrying out normal routine functions of life.


Some of the extreme symbols of phobia are, rise in pulse rate, breathlessness, trembling, and perspiration accompanied sometimes by panic and desire to run away from the object/circumstances.  Phobias tend to get triggered automatically once the fear has set in and established itself in the person. Thereafter the reactions to the phobia also become automatic and out of control of the individual.




Agoraphobias are of various kinds. The abnormal fear of open space or crossing is called Agoraphobia. The affected person feels that he/she would not be able to get away from the phobia.


Social Phobia


As the name indicates, it is an unexplained exaggerated fear of being in society, in a group with others. The sense of inadequacy is so strong that the person does anything to avoid the circumstances leading the phobia. This perhaps is the most harmful and destructive form of phobia and does not let a person behave appropriately in normal social interactions.


Genetic causes perhaps account for most phobias, but social and circumstantial causes too are very much there. The nerves of brain, in some cases are so misarranged by nature that normal transmission and receipt of signals get upset and confused leading to phobias.


Trauma caused by severe physical injury or deep mental upheaval can be a cause for phobia. Yet another is that by nature, humans are averse to seeing some animals, creatures, or things, which can cause obnoxious revulsion leading to phobia.


Treatment or Therapy


This is a very specialized line and should be handled only by experts called behavior therapists. It includes various methods of treatments


Conditioning - In this course of treatment, the patient is exposed to the phobic situations repeatedly, but in a safe manner where it can be controlled. Over a period, you will be able to over come your feeling of fear to that particular object or situation.


Flooding – here you create a reflex fear until the time you stop reflexing it and your fear is vanished.


Hypnosis – This method has proved to be very effective. The cause of fear is found out in your sub-conscious state of mind and then the course of treatment to remove the fear is planned.  By controlling the conscious and sub-conscious, the fear element is gradually eliminated.


Medication – Among other things, the blood pressure and heart problems are taken care of and the sense of inadequacy/anxiety is reduced.


Phobias are treatable and manageable and should be tackled as early as they are discovered. It should not be taken lightly. Treatment should be considered very important as it can improve a the quality of your life. A contribution of psychiatric situational, hypnotic, and medical therapies are called for and succeeds when handled by experts.