How Your Self Esteem Can Pick Up Steam

How Your Self-Esteem Can Pick Up Steam



Belief in oneself is often referred to as self-esteem. It can be developed to its full potential to enable a person to live a meaningful life.


Other people have utilized different means to boost their self-esteem. One of these methods is by boasting about accomplishments in an effort to show-off and mask feelings of insecurity. Such efforts do more harm than good in the long term.


How can you properly energize yourself and put into full steam your self-esteem? Consider these:


  • Surround yourself with optimists, and keep optimistic thoughts. Be enthusiastic about life. Keep your interest in life at a high level. You can do this by being in the company of enthusiastic people. This way, you will get infected by their positive attitude. You will view the world in its full shining glory and move around oozing with energy. In the same manner, it would be wise to stay away from negatively inclined thinkers. Should it be unavoidable to do so, make a conscious effort to infect them with your optimistic way of thinking. Not only are you doing them a favor, you are adding fuel to your self-esteem by making use of your positive trait.


  • Talk affirmatively to others and yourself. Words carry enough steam that can either hurt other people or yourself. Similarly, words can generate enough steam to give warmth and comfort. Be conscious of your choice of words. Choose affirmative words like ‘can’, ‘will’, or ‘opportunity’ instead of ‘can’t’, ‘difficult’, or ‘problem’, in your conversation with people.


  • Whenever possible, avoid engaging in criticism. If this is unavoidable, tone down the level of criticism. Avoid: “That color doesn’t look good on you.” Instead: “You know what? Blue will bring out the best in you.”


  • Forgive and forget. Do not waste your time and energy thinking of past hurts. Time can be wisely spent for other productive things rather than forlorn thoughts.


There is a saying: “It’s easier to forgive others than to forgive oneself.” Think of it this way: It will be easier for you to forgive others after you have forgiven yourself.


Forget all past hurts and grudges that can be a burden on your back. Remember the hunchback of Notre Dame? Would you rather be sulking behind church walls as if carrying all the burdens of the unforgiving past? I don’t think so. Mingle with positive people.


  • Support groups can inspire, and thus raise self-esteem. Group discussions centered on a particular issue can help solve problems in a collective way. You help solve other people’s problems while they help solve yours. Support groups are oriented towards the positive.


  • When you see a downcast or downtrodden individual, pick him up from the rut. He does not have to be somebody you know. Share with him the warmth of your helping hand and watch the glow in his eyes. No words need be spoken. Subconsciously, you are adding fuel to your self-esteem.


Consider these tips and try them. These activities will never fail to boost your self-esteem! Full charge ahead towards a meaningful life created especially for you!