Hurdling Mental Road Blocks

Hurdling Mental Road Blocks



There is power in thoughts. There is power in words. When we are constantly exposed to certain ideas, when we are constantly told certain things, we tend to believe it. Verily, we end up living these ideas in one measure or the other. These ideas, this constant bombardment of comments, compliments and admonitions of others, form our mental landscape in that they are the undertones of who we become as we start to believe in these.

Take for example what your parents constantly told you when you were a child. Do you notice that you either conform to them, or form a conscious decision to rebel from what they’ve bombarded you with?

But let me tell you a secret. You can turn negative “programmed” thoughts around to your benefit. Yes, you can. You can go either of two ways: you can fight these thoughts with self-affirmations to the contrary, or you can use these thoughts to fuel your drive to prove them wrong.


Going with self-affirmation is easy. Every time you hear yourself reverting to memories of mommy’s comments that “an A- will never be an A+”, you can do the simple exercise: “I am a person of worth. I am excellent, and I will reach my goals no matter what. I am enough.”


If the affirmation is not enough to lift your spirits, start citing your achievements. Remember your victories. Even the littlest ones count. Remember the time you were able to say “no” when your buddies wanted you to go party but you decided to stay in to finish your paper? That is a victory. Recount all those moments that showed that you had willpower, that you showed the determination to rise above your weaknesses.


The other way is to use the thoughts to spur you on, as I said. So every time you remember daddy ignoring your A+ on a paper because he wanted you to go for the cheerleading or football team, remember that his goals are not your goals. Tell yourself that you are geared for success in the field that YOU chose. And run on to your goal. Go on to soaring through the roadblocks. And when you’ve surmounted them all, look back and congratulate yourself. Then cheer yourself on for the next hurdles ahead.


Another thing is, use others’ compliments to cheer you when you’re down. When you feel like you’re the most miserable, pathetic creature on earth, remember all those moments when you’ve had victories and people have cheered you on for them. Remember all the positive traits others have complimented you on. Write them down in a list, for use in future moments of self-doubt. Never allow yourself to be dragged down by the negativity of others’ criticisms of you. Bear in mind that they do not live your life, YOU do. And if you fully believe that you are in control, take steps to take control of your thoughts. Start with surrounding yourself with positive thoughts. And hurdle those roadblocks, one leap at a time.