Chaos Theory: Self-hypnosis for Your Own Peace of Mind



Your boss ends the day with a stack of papers and instructions that you submit the report in the next 42 hours. Your significant other doesn’t answer your calls. Your mother sends you guilt-tripping messages. Your landlady ignores you when you tell her a part of your ceiling is leaking. You feel a throbbing pain in your temples. Your credit card bills take over even in your dreams.


Easy does it.


Take a deep breath, close your eyes and unravel your thoughts.


Sometimes, taking control over a chaotic life, a stressful situation, a physical ailment or an emotional dilemma starts within you – your mind, your subconscious, specifically.


And communicating with your subconscious - negotiating with your own self - can be achieved through self-hypnosis. How to do it? Here’s a sample basic procedure.


  • Find a venue conducive for relaxation: a quite room, with the temperature comfortable and the lights just right (not too dim, not too bright). Light a candle and incense if you desire.


  • Surround your place with sound pleasant to your ears. Play relaxing music. Bring in a portable fountain. Hang some chimes where the breeze blows. The sound of music is soothing.


  • Find a comfortable position. Surround yourself with pillows, blankets, and the like. A caring, healing sensation eases stress.


  • Tell yourself: “I am light, I am comfortable, I am at ease. All my tensions, worries and anxieties are gone. I am light, I am comfortable, I am at ease.” Repeat many times while breathing deeply.


  • Picture what you want your life to be. Visualize every detail, every situation that you want to happen. Imagine it so as if it is really happening.


  • Repeat no. 4. Breathe in and out, and imagine yourself being surrounded by a bright, luminous light starting from your forehead until it fills the room.


  • Wake up when you’re ready.


Repeat this procedure regularly. This exercise helps you clear your thoughts. It may lead you to self-revelations that would help you assess the situation on how you live your dreams. It may or may not work, your goal may or may not be achieved – the universe has reasons humans may not fathom. The important thing is this: self-hypnosis will help you become a better person – calmer, more attuned to yourself, and more willing to help others. With your tensions and worries away, who knows what you can do!