I Love Me Five Ways to fall in Love with Yourself

I Love Me: Five Ways to fall in Love with Yourself



Isn’t it funny when you always tell others that you are a person full of love, when,on the contrary, you can’t even answer point blank if you really love yourself?  When people are in love, they always announce to the world how they love their partners more than their selves. But this is not the real concept of being in love; because how can you love others when you don’t love yourself first? Below are some tips on how to create a lifetime romance with your self.


  • Believe That You’re a Lovable Person. Upon waking up in the morning, face the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are, despite of your rugged look and messy hair. Doing this before you jumpstart your day will give you a positive aura to last the whole day through.


  • Don’t Be Harsh on Yourself. Stop all the criticisms you throw at yourself. So what if you don’t have the body people will envy? So what if you don’t have that many smart quips that make people laugh? And so what if your friend has a better job than you? Accept yourself as you are and recognize that you are special no matter how others think about you. Treat yourself as you would someone you love. Remember, you are a “Somebody” and not a “Nobody.”


  • Take Care of Your Health. The body is the temple of your soul, so take care of it. Doing things that are hazardous to your health just means you are not concerned about your body. Eating food that are high in cholesterol, when you know you have a heart problem, is not a good practice. Staying until the wee hours of the morning until you tire your body out is a bad habit. This also goes to drinking too much alcohol, smoking, or worse, taking drugs.


If you really care about your body and you want it to look its best, exercise or attend a gym class. However, if working out also stresses your muscles too much, stop. Also starving yourself to death just to attain the figure you want is a big no-no.  If you really care about yourself, you must first learn to take care of your body.


  • Date Yourself. Spend some time alone.  Toss that planner away and set an appointment with yourself for the whole day. Take the time to go to the park alone, watch a movie by yourself, or go to your favorite restaurant and order your best-loved dessert. Dating yourself is a surefire way to bond with your inner-psyche and will help give you a sense of independence.


  • Forgive Yourself. Learn to forgive yourself for all your past mistakes. Everyone, even once in their life, commits errors. You can accept that nobody is perfect. But the best way to deal with it is to learn from it and then tell yourself that it’s okay.