Impossibility to Possibility

Impossibility to Possibility



A person who looks at the bright side of life, who sees a glass of water as half full not half empty, and who believes that impossible things can be made possible, is an optimist. The word optimist comes from the noun optimism, which originated from the Latin word optimum, meaning the greatest good. Optimists do not conclude that a thing is unattainable unless they have tried their best to act on it. Impossible is possible unless proven otherwise. As the French saying goes, “to believe a thing impossible is to make it so.”


But how can the impossibility be traversed? FIRST, dream. Dream to be someone, you name it - maybe an influential and respectable statesman, a famous and rich actor or singer, a scientist or inventor, or an owner of a successful business chain. Never stop dreaming, because in today’s skyrocketing prices of commodities, dreaming is one of those few things left without a meter or charge.


Many centuries ago, horseback riding and horse-drawn carriages were the only means of transportation. The possibility of stepping on the moon and other planets and exploring the deep seas was an enigma to mankind. Water and space exploration was just a dream then, but now, it has turned into reality.


People have creative and experimental minds. Do you want to copy all the characteristics of the earth to Mars to make it a livable planet and help give a solution to the rapidly booming earth population? However, if you are a faithful Earthling, then, do you just want to build an extended earth structure to give more space to the next generation and just totally eliminate all kinds of pollution and transform all its byproducts to useful materials? Could these things be possible? It might be ludicrous to dream the impossible; but remember, everything starts from a dream. So, start dreaming, who knows if you’ll become rich, famous, and successful someday.


SECOND, try new things. People are risk-averse individuals and are apprehensive to try something new. They have the strong tendency to regard new ideas as funny and new things unacceptable.


In the early times, normal living means living without electricity. The concept of electricity had remained beyond the grasp of the human mind until 1600 AD when Dr. William Gilbert first recorded the word electric in his findings on the theory of magnetism. Since the discovery of electricity and its uses, life has improved ceaselessly as many technological innovations were continuously being introduced.


New ideas bring changes.  If your job sucks, is monotonous, and pulls your productivity level to the grave, then what are you waiting for? Try to engage on new ventures. Start a business. At first, it might be small, but as long as your products and services will attract the people’s interests, it will eventually grow in no time. Think about something that is yet to exist - something that will improve people’s satisfaction. You might triumph on the new business that you introduced and others might be inspired to follow your steps.


THIRD, plan. Dreams and ideas are empty unless you move a finger and have them fulfilled.  But before you start to sweat, create a plan first. A well-conceived plan is one that provides for a second plan if the first plan did not work. Think of the possible problems that you will meet and their solutions.  Let your dreams fuel your soul to keep you going.   


The scientists and inventors formulated a design for their inventions. If traces of these designs have been lost or were not recorded in the manuscripts, at least these designs must have been formed in their heads before they applied them. Oftentimes, the first designs do not work. The Wright brothers who designed the first flying machine have actually come out with not only one, but numerous designs before the first successful flight was launched.


LASTLY, have faith in yourself and never give up. Victorious people have undergone serious and dedicated hard work and have failed many times; but still, they keep on trying until they finally reached their goal. If you want to achieve something, you must have self-confidence, discipline, patience, and determination.


You can enforce discipline on yourself in such a way that anything planned and scheduled will be followed. Although following the blueprint might cause you discomfort because you have to sacrifice some pleasures, just be patient and determined.


Most importantly, be a positive thinker and believe on the things that you can do because all great things start from within. Prophecies can be self-fulfilled. Thinking does a lot of difference. The mind is a complex and very powerful thing and as Mary Kay Ash said, “If you think you can, you can. If you think you can’t, you’re right.” Think positive to transgress the world of impossibility.