Improve Comprehension

Improve Comprehension with Speed-Reading Techniques



Who would not like to have the ability to read a short article in a matter of seconds? How about a thick paperback in a day? Speed-reading is a very useful ability applicable in any situation especially if your job entails reading long reports and summarizing lengthy research documents.


To improve your reading speed while still maintaining good understanding of the material, here are good suggestions to help you:


1. Gradually increase the number of words you see in a glance or a block. Reading means looking at words in their proper order. If you can currently read a five-word sentence in a glimpse, practice with six- to seven-word sentences until you double what you can read now.


2. Reduce the time needed to read the words. Observe yourself as you read. How long does it take for you to read a short sentence? Three seconds? Five? To pick up speed in reading, you have to cut that number by a second or two. By doing so, you will be able to continue on to the next sentence and proceed to read in a fast, efficient manner.


3. Reduce the instances where you glance back at the other words. Every second counts. And if you choose to look back to the previous text rather than to advance to the next sentence, you are not really reading as fast as you can. You can minimize doing this by following the tip of a pencil as you read. However, you must eventually learn to do this on your own, because using anything other than your eye in reading can also cause you to slow down.


4. Practice regularly. If you can, time yourself as you read a short article. Then, evaluate your personal comprehension of it. There are also useful materials you can use that include summary questions at the end of each text. This will help you pick up speed in reading while still maintaining good comprehension skills.


5. Apply current technologies. Some companies actually offer speed-reading services and they use special techniques to help their students. If you really want to learn how to read faster in the soonest time possible, you can enlist in these short courses. These experts will have a fitting and effective method for you to follow.


Speed-reading is not a talent but rather a skill that anyone can develop. We all can learn to read faster and easier so that we can use this ability to our advantage.