Improve Focus and Concentration Studying For Exams

Improve Focus and Concentration: Studying For Exams



Exams can sometimes really take the most, and bring the worst, out of you. They make you feel nervous about whether failing or making it to the passing mark. They make you anticipate the end of exam week. If you have come to the worst part of it all, you sometimes would just wish that the concrete floor would open and swallow you up. Knowing about the exams is not even the hardest part.


The hardest part is the studying. Of course, for you to be able to make it with flying colors in an exam, you have to study. Studying is not as easy as you think it is. Actually, it requires immense concentration and focus for it to be called productive studying.


However, not everyone has the power or skill to concentrate properly, especially when it comes to studying for the exams. Who would want to concentrate on some subjects you do not even know about, right? You should because it is what you have to do.


Isolation from Media


Studying while watching television is really not effective. Some would say that they could study more when they are listening to loud music, but this story is just a story nonetheless.


If you really want to study with no disturbances, like seeing your favorite movie star on television or hearing your song on the radio, you must turn those media off. Memorizing can be such a torturous act, but you have to do it to be able to pass. And doing so with disruptive media around you is definitely of no help.


Comfortable Setting


You have to choose a comfortable location for you to be able to study better. Studying in the basement where there is not enough lighting is stupid, aside from unproductive. You have to make sure that your lighting is bright for you to see what you are reading, and see the different things that surround you.


Studying in open space is not a bad idea. If the open air makes you feel more comfortable because of the gentle breeze that brushes your cheek, then you may study under your favorite tree if you desire. However, the comforting dew might lull you to sleep and you might feel light-headed and

end up dozing off. Once you feel that you are about to give yourself a couple of z's, then boosting yourself with a drink.


And most of all, when you are studying for a specific subject, say science, you have to focus on science. You will not be able to accomplish anything if you are to study science, yet you have your mind on math. You have to take on one subject at a time. Studying two subjects at a single moment will make you mix things up, and nothing you have studied will surface to memory when judgment day has arrived.


You have to learn to focus and concentrate more if you want to get anywhere with your studies. You can't afford to have your concentration misguided, especially when exam week is up and coming. The aforementioned tips will help you keep your focus intact because doing so is the first step to get good marks.