Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary

Improve Your Child’s Vocabulary



All parents desire to have and raise a child that is witty and articulate, right?  Well, among the numerous techniques and strategies to encourage a child to enhance their language development and articulation, the classic method of letting the child speak for himself as well as initiate a conversation.


What Do Studies Say?


A lot of studies have been conducted in the aim of finding out more ways to enhance a child’s vocabulary and one of these studies is Dr. Susan Colmar’s four-month study involving children aged three and five.  A reading program was administered to the subjects for the duration of four moths.  At the end of the study, Dr. Colmar found out that the reading program she employed greatly improved the verbal language skill of the children who participated in her study.

If you also wish to enhance your child’s vocabulary and verbal language skills by employing a similar reading program to your child as Dr. Colmar did, you might be wondering what kind of book she used when she conducted the study, right?  Well, Dr. Colmar gave the children picture books when she conducted her study.   

If you want to improve your child’s vocabulary and verbal skills, use picture books or books that have only at least one or two lines per page.  The picture in the book should take up most of the page rather than the text.  The reason why picture books are recommended for the enhancement of the vocabulary of children is because they great imagination-ticklers for children and they encourage the little readers to say whatever is on their mind.


Don’t Talk Too Much

Some parents share a common notion that if they talk often to their child, sooner or later, their child will also be saying and repeating the words that they hear often.  Although that notion may be effective to some, it does not always guarantee to be 100% effective to all because there are children that react differently when their parents talk too much.

Remember that each child differs from another thanks to individual differences.  Some children may develop and improve their vocabulary better if their parents talk to them frequently while some children may also enhance their articulateness if their parents give them a chance to talk on their own.

There are children who treat a quiet environment as his or her stage for verbal and vocabulary improvement.  As a parent, you should know your child well enough for you to adjust to his or her development and enhancement needs.