Improve Your Memory

Five Steps to Improve Your Memory



It is a fact that memory deteriorates as a person grows older. It is also true that there are some people who just have a hard time remembering names, sequences, and figures. These people may even think of this as a problem.


The good news is that memory can be improved, especially if you are still in your tender years. To give you an idea of how you can actually improve your memory, here are some good steps to follow:


1. First, digest the information. This is your first perception of the data. Concentrate. Try not to process the information too lightly. Attempt to take in all the facts and figures as much as you can.


2. Associate the data to something you really know. The process of association is very powerful. Connect the data to anything you identify or feel deeply about. It can even be anything entirely unrelated. Your main goal here is to easily recall the data every time you are reminded of that something.


3. Recite the data in your mind. Now, it is time to actually use your memory. After taking in the data and associating each individual item to something, start recalling them one by one in the right order in your mind. Do this until you get everything correct.


4. Pause for five minutes and recall the data again. Rest your mind for a few minutes. Then go back to your data and try to recall all of it once more. If you are successful, do this step for about three times. Give yourself another five minutes, then recall. If you are still able to remember the data after three times, this means the data is now residing in a part of your brain and it will stay there long-term.


5. Go over the steps again until you can recite the data on your own. If you fail to recall all the data given to you after the five-minute lull time, go back to step one. Repeat the steps until you can accurately remember every single piece of data fed to you.


These are relatively easy steps that will stimulate your mind and improve your memory. It is okay to fail the first few times. Just regularly apply this simple guide whenever you need to memorize something.


Then, observe yourself. After several tries, you will notice that it is taking you less time to recall the things given to you as you go along. You’ll be amazed at how you can become a memory genius in no time.