It Starts with a Vision

It Starts with a Vision


Ever heard of Walt Disney? Yes, he’s the guy who created the first sound cartoon, the first all-color cartoon and the first animated feature-length motion picture. Anyone who has managed to bring all of these three together for entertainment is someone with a definite vision. But aside from these, two of Disney’s greatest masterpieces were Disneyland and Walt Disney World, theme parks that capture the imagination of every child, and even every adult.

How did Walt Disney come up with his ideas? What was his vision for his future, and what spurred him on to create his company?

Vision sparks a leader and fires him up to do the things that inspire him the most. It draws him forward and makes everyone want to follow him, a strong leader. When a person doesn’t have a vision in life, one that propels him towards achieving his dreams, then he practically has no direction at all.

So what makes a good leader with vision? Here are a couple of pointers for you to follow.

Vision starts from within. You can’t go around telling people what their vision is nor can they ask you for suggestions on what their vision should be. Vision comes from within, so take a long, hard look at yourself. If you are having a hard time figuring out your vision, think of what interests you and you can start from there. If you’re still not sure what your vision is, look for a partner that shares the same interests and plans as you. Even Walt Disney had one – his brother, Roy.

Vision draws on your history. Look back at your past and figure out the lessons you have learned from your life experiences. Visions don’t materialize overnight. Leaders who have visions in life draw out their sources from what they have learned in the past and the mistakes that they have made.

One great vision is one that aims to meets other people’s needs. It’s not all about you alone—it’s all about drawing other people into your dream and changing their lives. If your vision is restricted solely to helping you fulfill your purpose and not benefiting other people, then it’s too shallow and selfish. Your vision should be something that resonates within other people and enables them to work for that goal as well.

Having a clear vision can help you prepare and gather your resources. One of the best things about working towards your vision is that it helps you attract others. It’s like a magnet. The more powerful the vision is, the more likely people will want to achieve it.