Jump Start Your Creative and Imaginative Powers

Jump-start Your Creative and Imaginative Powers



Creativity is the ability to discover original and innovative solutions to problems. It is represents your capability to think “out of the box” or outside the norm in order to address problems.


Enhancement of creativity refers to the practice of developing creative skills, through exercises, and seminars. It also includes the use of creative tools like your PC, computer softwares, and enrollment in a creative studies program.


Creativity is a skill that can be learned. Creative individuals learn to be “creative”. They logically do it. They consider other alternatives and can easily make “cross-connections”.


Creativity consists of:


viewing things differently


producing multiple options


breaking rules


establishing new links


having advanced awareness level


thinking about “what ifs”



Creativity enhancement tools can make your mind more responsive. The mind is powerful and you will become its master with the right techniques.


Among the countless benefits to be gained in enhancing creativity are the following: improved customer service, increased efficiency, and improved mental and moral health among employees.


Software programs and tools can assist you in designing and initiating better ideas. These can serve as vehicles to jump-start your brain’s productive and creative juices.


Some creativity enhancement tools ask questions, while others depend on a selection of lateral or associative thinking techniques.


Aside from helping in the generation of ideas, these tools can assist you in organizing and prioritizing ideas.


Creativity enhancement tools enable you to:


produce more solutions


think new ideas


make effective decisions so as to solve easily your problems.


brainstorm and become your very own “think tank”.


Here are some creativity enhancement tools worth checking:


1)“Inspiration 8 for Windows”.  This software is user-friendly, with features such as auto-arrange and improved transfer options.




starter screen


searchable signs and symbols


sound and video integration


improved “drag-and-drop” capabilities


collect hyperlinked files


word guide


export options


auto symbol arrangement


brainstorming mode


export options


smart checklist


2)“FlashBrainer”.  This software encourages you to come up with ideas employing music, "what" words, questions, "how" words, images and quotes.




easy to use, anyone can be an expert quickly


runs on Macromedia's Flash that is compatible with almost all computers


uses music and asks easily understood questions all designed to give the user a fun experience


3)“SolutionPeople”.  This tool provides a set of comprehensive features but is very easy to use. It allows integration with Microsoft Office and other widely known project application tools like ConceptDraw. SolutionPeople is enjoyed by most business users.


4)“ConceptDraw MINDMAP Pro 4”.  This tool is available both in “Mac OS X” and Microsoft versions.




with information project task support


can export software project management


compatible with Microsoft Office


with expanded mapping freehand capabilities


has floating topics and callout support


The invention of creative tools for business, arts, science, and every aspect of life is essential for continued progress. Data and people-oriented innovation and creativity enhancement IT tools can become strategic building blocks that will shape the future.