Just Do It

How to Overcome Procrastination - Just Do It!



The first step toward overcoming procrastination is recognizing that procrastination is a problem. Procrastinators have big problems and small problems, but the fact is that most of their problems are caused by procrastination.


All procrastinators share certain traits:


  • Procrastinators know what they should do about a problem, and in many cases they know what specific action needs to be taken. Yet they find reasons to avoid action.


  • Procrastinators are reluctant to do anything about a problem now, vowing to take action at some vague time in the future.


  • Procrastinators promise to take action when the "right" circumstances present themselves. By making performance of the job depend on something else, they justify their decision to delay action. They delude themselves into thinking that their hands are tied. They would like to do something but can't-it's not their fault.


  • All procrastination is the result of deluding ourselves. Procrastinators deny reality, refusing to accept responsibility for their lives. To defeat procrastination, we must stop playing games with ourselves. You can't overcome procrastination until you accept the fact that you are responsible for what you make of your life. That may be more honesty than many people are capable of, but there is no other way to achieve a fulfilling life.


We are not victims of our circumstances. You can do the things that need to be done. And you can learn to distinguish between the things that need to be done now and the things that can wait.


  • Have you written a list of your life's goals?


  • Have you have written a list of short-term goals (3-6 months)?


  • Do you keep these lists where you can see them?


  • Do you set clear priorities? Do some things that seem urgent take on less importance when you focus on your larger goals?


  • Do you know when to say "no" to keep from burdening yourself with more jobs than you can finish?


  • Do you live in the present? Do you focus on what you're doing now, rather than on the things you should have done in the past?


  • When you've given your best effort, do you know when to wrap up a project?-Do you feel that spending more time on it will only keep you from starting your next project?


Did you answer "no" to any of the above questions? If you did, you need to make a commitment to do something about it today. Choose an item and make up your mind that you're going to do something about it. Don't worry about the next item until you've made a dent in the first one. Now that you've taken the first step by reading this article, take the next step and finish a job you've been postponing-there will never be a better time than now.