Keep Steam In Energy

How to Keep the Steam in Your Energy



Steam can be harnessed from many sources and can be turned into useful forms of energy. Likewise, humans need energy, both physically and psychologically. Physical energy can be derived from the food you eat, the air you breathe, the water you drink, and enough rest to restore the strength of your body. Psychological energy can be derived from the way you think and what you choose to think. It can even affect the physical aspect of your entire being.  


If you choose to think pain, disappointments, and hardships in life, you are bound to lose the energy that makes life meaningful and enjoyable. Lost steam is like coasting along the highway of life in neutral gear without a driver. You will be able to move only if the road is on a downward slope. If the road ahead is uphill, you won’t be able to move forward; instead, you will only backslide to where you came from.


A locomotive without steam for fuel is like a person without steam in his energy. You lose steam when your thinking is inclined to the pessimistic side. Negative thoughts of boredom, bad experiences that bring pain, sufferings, and disappointments can make you lose steam and ultimately lose energy.


Refuel yourself, light a fire, and burn that fuel. Turn it to steam to supply you with burning energy - the energy to live life in a meaningful, enjoyable, satisfying, and productive way. Fuel yourself with positive attitudes like determination, perseverance, faith, and confidence. Aim for peak performance. Get excited about life. Level that acceleration to the ground.


How and what you think is how and what you’ll turn out to be. You’ve got to have faith and confidence in your capabilities. When you do, you have to act on it. Go for it. Do not be bothered by hindrances like age, poverty, or superstitions beliefs. Be bothered by your negative thoughts. If your thoughts are positive, nothing is going to stop you from gathering energy to achieve something and enjoy life.


If you look up the meaning of the word “life” in the dictionary, it basically means energy. It’s a pity to see life being washed away with the mere excuse that you don’t have the energy to deal with its hardship. Be a fighter. Do not submit yourself to life’s difficulties. Rise from it.


When you’re too tired and you seem to have lost the drive, take time to relax and rest for a while. Then come out refreshed, recharged, and refined.


Get up and start moving. You can begin to be enthusiastic by just thinking about it and by foreseeing the positive outcome of your aim in life. As you progress with your work, your enthusiasm will continue to build by itself.


Energy: you have it within you. All you have to do is harness it.