Keeping the Love Alive

Keeping the Love Alive



An unforgettable line in the blockbuster movie “Jerry Maguire” goes: “You complete me.” Almost everyone in the planet would probably give their best shot in finding that special person to make their life whole. It’s a challenge to find the love of your life and when they find their other half, keeping the love alive is the next hurdle. Surprisingly, it doesn’t take much to keep the flames of love glowing:


      • Be generous: Giving a little token on ordinary days– a spray of summer flowers or a couple of his favorite yummy treats -- can do a lot of good in your relationship. So does keeping the kids entertained while your partner takes a “me-time”; offering to complete a job that he/she usually does; and serving breakfast in bed! Why? Because it shows that you think of your partner as someone special. These little tokens also show that you appreciate what he/she does. Regretfully, there are times when we got so used to having them around that saying “thank you” or “please” gets forgotten in the jumble of everyday chores. Be generous with praise too. Try this out – a little boasting to your common friends on how great your partner is and you’ll find that it makes them feel ten feet tall!


      • Maintain a sense of humor: Aim for a smile or better yet a belly-laugh each day. All situations can be fodder for a good laugh and sharing it with your spouse makes it more hilarious. Make good use of those jokes you got from e-mails, text messages, magazines and even joke books if you lack for material. Even a heated discussion or an argument can be diffused by a little humor. Don’t take every argument to heart! It’s not unusual for couples to argue, but if you can just step back and cool off, you’ll find a different way to look at situations or find that the argument was silly in the first place.


      • Say it out loud: Tell them in every way you can how much they mean to you. Whether you whisper it or proclaim it out load, just say it. In today’s world of high tech communications, the possibilities of saying what you feel are endless – you can even broadcast it in huge billboards if so inclined. If you’re a bit of old fashioned, right a love letter. It will remain with them forever.


      • Be best friends: After the blush of first love fades, feelings settle into a different level. And nothing beats a good friendship thru a lifetime of togetherness.


So if you were lucky enough to find that special person, see to it that you can keep the love alive and complete.