Leadership and Commitment Journey towards Success

Leadership and Commitment: A hand-in-hand Journey towards Success



“Leaders are not born, they are made”. You may have probably heard of this catchy line a couple of times in your entire existence, mostly from speeches. And yes, it is so predictable. But have you ever thought about the real deal behind one man’s success in leadership?


Before getting into the core and putting down incomprehensible facts and systematize ways to be a good leader, you have to fully understand the basics. Being a leader is sometimes mistakenly thought as merely being the first or the most capable. However, beyond having the loudest voice for your constituents to follow your orders is a more profound depiction that entails all varied aspects of leadership.


Part of your being a leader is giving out orders. This is the easy part. Getting your subordinates to follow your every order and efficiently deliver their fair share of work is the hardest part. It is not only enough to mandate someone to do his work. Leadership is about influencing people and motivating them to do their part of the work with minimal or no supervision as possible.


Every man is different. Every man works differently and every man pulls motivation from different things. Before one can manifest great leadership, he has to have greater passion and from passion comes a lifetime commitment. Leadership and commitment is like bread and butter or perhaps spoon and fork, wherein one cannot efficiently function without the other.


Commitment is the single most important aspect of success, more so in leadership. After all, you wouldn’t be where you are right now without your undying commitment for the company.  If you show commitment and have been a living proof that commitment is what got your where you are, you will not only influence your people to live out your principles, but you are also unconsciously giving them career paths for their future’s sake.


Along with demonstrating commitment to your company is commitment to yourself as a leader. In fact, it is the second-most crucial aspect of success. An effective leader has astounding self-confidence, integrity, and a feasible sense of personal candor. If you have grown in a perfect setting with the perfect parents who taught you perfect values, then possessing the above-mentioned standards is just as easy as 1, 2, 3. However, this is not always the case. There are no perfect parents because there is also no perfect child. In simpler words, if you are not naturally given these values, your commitment to leadership will serve as your drive to learn them.


And lastly but equally important is your commitment to your people. The basis of the team’s commitment to their work is chiefly influenced by the leader’s commitment to each of them. Building a lasting relationship between you and your immediate staff is surrounded by principles like courtesy, giving constructive feedback, and respect.


Leadership is not just about having the necessary skills to direct and guide a group into the right way. The biggest fraction of good leadership is commitment. If you have demonstrated everything the right way, your subordinate’s work will be a verification of your success as a leader.