Learn Success From A Filter

Learn Success From a Filter  



“What does a filter got to do with being successful? Is this some kind of gimmick? Is the writer trying out a new marketing ploy to make me buy a new filter?” you might wonder.


Truth of the matter is, there are success lessons you can learn from a filter. What is a filter? A filter is a device or substance used for straining out solid particles, impurities, and other unnecessary items. Acting like a filter can help you attain success. How is this possible?


When you set a course to attain a goal, you are likely to encounter obstacles along the way. Chances are, you are going to experience some failures. Although this is perfectly normal, obstacles and failures are likely to set you off course. These can get you distracted and get you out of focus in your endeavor. These can waste your precious time, energy, and money. Worst, obstacles and failures can stop you on your tracks and make you quit. When they do, it’s the end of your success story.


But why would you let this happen? To prevent total or complete abandonment of your intended goal and motivate you to move on to your goal, aspire to become a filter.


In other words, face all challenges that come your way and let only useful and positive thoughts enter your system. Leave or strain out impurities or negative thoughts out of your system.


Filters come in many shapes and sizes. They are made for various purposes. They are made from a variety of filtration materials such as mesh, sand, carbon, coal, pebbles, clay, and other porous materials. Despite the diversity of materials, a filter serves only one purpose - to strain out impurities.


When you act like a filter, you strain out all the things you do not need and all things that hinder your growth. You allow only the good stuff (positive thoughts) to enter your mind. Filtering does not only apply to negative thoughts. You must also learn to filter the wrong people in your life and their influences. Physically, you must also select the right food to eat to stay strong and prevent illnesses.


Computer experts have a special term associated with filters. They use the term GIGO meaning garbage in and garbage out. They filter the inputs, for they know very well that these will affect the quality of output they will get from their database. In addition, they protect their mainframes by establishing firewalls to prevent hackers and viruses from destroying the integrity of their system.


In real life, aspire to become a filter and learn to sort out the impurities (negative thoughts) from your system to make room for the good stuffs (positive thoughts). To prevent yourself from abandoning your intended goal and motivate yourself to move on to your purpose, be a filter.