Learning to Concentrate and Focus

Learning to Concentrate and Focus



No matter who you are or what your occupation may be, you will need to learn how to concentrate and focus. You could be a student, or an office worker, or even someone involved in manual labor such as a construction worker but one thing is sure – you will need to devote time and energy to concentration and focus on your occupation.


But first of all, just what is concentration? Concentration is defined as deep mental application towards something. If you are concentrating on something, you devote all your attention to it.


So, what is the difference between concentration and focus?


Focus would be the level of concentration you practice at something. So you could be concentrating on something but perhaps not be focused on it. If you were really interested in that object or person, and devoted all of your concentration on it, it can be said that you are focused.


So how do you learn to focus (meaning you improve the level of your concentration)?


First, you have to accept that there are two types of individuals out there. You could be the type that has learned how to deal with frustration or you could be the type that has not. If you believe you are the former yet find it hard to finish the task you are working on – remember, you can still do more than what you believe you can do. This means really pushing yourself to develop mental stamina by going beyond the point of frustration. Just keep working despite the feeling that you want to give up and you will develop mental endurance.


Second, if you have a tendency to become scatterbrained, try bribing your mind. Do one task at a time but impose time limits – this will prevent your mind from focusing on other less important tasks.


Third, if you still can’t seem to focus, write down your concerns on a to-do list. This allows you to free some space in your mind for immediate concerns, rather than use your mind as a bulletin board.


Last, you have to fight the urge to procrastinate. If you have a task to do, and you want to postpone it, ask yourself: Should I do this? If I do it, will I keep worrying about it? If I postpone it, will it be easier to do later? By asking yourself those 3 key questions, you gain the motivation to mentally apply yourself towards finishing your goal.