Less Time Shopping

How to Shop In Less Time and With Minimum Stress



If you feel you’re spending a lot of stressful time doing shopping errands, it’s time to revise your approach. You can just imagine how much time you can spend on these busy and jam packed situations, when everybody seem to be scrambling for items needed as if the world is going to an end.


Make the adage “shop till you drop” a thing of the past. By following these strategies, you will not only be relieved from the hustle and bustle of malls and groceries, especially during the holiday seasons; you will also be on your way to organizing your shopping activities in less time and to buying the right things based on your budget.


Shopping resembles working on a project. You need some sort of a plan. Make a list of all or most of the items you need to buy. You can then consolidate these stuffs to be bought accordingly. For example, items that you will find in a supermarket can be grouped together. Do the same for items you may find in a dry goods section, department store, school or office supplies shop, and so forth. By doing this, you don’t have to come back again in case you missed something. This will also save time, effort, and money.


With the prepared list and the right budget, think of any gifts or items (which you can keep until the day you need these stuffs) that you can give to someone who may be having a birthday, wedding, anniversary celebration, and other forthcoming events. This way, you need not go to the shopping mall again in case you need such things.


If possible, schedule your shopping on weekdays (Mondays to Thursdays). Shopping is usually at its peak during weekends. Try to shop early in the day. Peak hours are usually during lunch breaks and late afternoon onwards.


If you have to drive from one supermarket/mall to another, schedule them according to their locations to avoid going back and forth. By doing this, you save time, energy, and fuel.


Look for a mall’s entrance that is less known by others to achieve hassle-free parking.


If you need to take a break to catch your breath in the middle of your shopping schedule, do so. This helps you rejuvenate and revitalize your strength while regaining your composure. If you are shopping on a very busy mall or a supermarket, and you feel your legs are becoming sore, take some time to sip a cappuccino or find a comfortable seat to give your feet the much-needed rest.


If you foresee or anticipate long queues, bring along something you can do while waiting. This can be a notebook, a pocket organizer, a book, or a hand exerciser.


If you have gift ideas that can be bought in bulk or in large quantities, purchase them because this will save you time and money. Some establishments have attendants that attend to bulk shoppers and it is usually less crowded in those areas.


If you opt to give gift checks as gifts, you can do so to save you a lot of time and energy. This takes away the guessing work if the recipients will like or need the gifts you intend to buy for them. Both you and the recipients will benefit from this scheme.


Time saved means less stress on you. You will realize that you will have more time to relax or enjoy shopping for yourself.