Lessons In Gaining Power

Lessons in Gaining Power



“With great power comes great responsibility”.


So said your friendly neighbor … Spiderman!


Most people aspire for power and there is every reason to. A person in power uses this ability to serve all, and gains the respect of his peers and constituents.


On the other hand, there are people who are abusive. When in control, they would always seek to serve themselves. They prioritize their own needs at the expense of other people.


Under the context of gaining power to generate goodwill for all, below are the factors that need consideration:


  • Ask yourself “Do I know myself? How well do I know myself?” Unless you know yourself intimately, you will have difficulty in discerning what you want to be. Leading a life of not knowing one’s self will only lead to confusion and feelings of disappointment.


No matter how determined you are, you will not be able to attain success if you do not know where you’re going to. Start by assessing what you are, and are not, capable of. Know your best side, as well as your worst. Strengthen your best assets and work to minimize your weaknesses.


  • “In life, the only thing that is constant is change”, says a philosopher. Do not be a victim of complacency. Embrace the truth that change must begin with yourself. “The truth shall set you free,” as they say it. Find the truth and be honest to yourself, and you shall be free to move towards gaining power and success.


  • Constantly seek knowledge to keep yourself well informed, keen, and alert. Knowledge is information, but not all information results to knowledge. Know which information will lead you to knowledge. Leave the junk behind.


Never stop learning and acquiring more knowledge. This is a lifetime commitment you have to keep up with. If you stop, you’ll get stuck and will be left behind. This would make it difficult for you to catch up.


Keep your knowledge engine running. If you’re caught in heavy traffic, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You look for alternate routes. Do the same with knowledge. Do not get stuck with what you know. Seek new routes to knowledge.


  • Use knowledge to attain your goals. Gaining knowledge, and not utilizing the information, is useless.


Our mental faculty is not an archive or museum of information which you can access any time. What goes in your mind must result to action. To go somewhere, you have to move. The bottom line is “take action.”


  • The action you take must be doable and workable. Learn to recognize exaggerated objectives from real ones. Likewise, do not pass up on reasonable opportunities.