Liar Liar How to Spot a Liar

Liar Liar: How to Spot a Liar



They are everywhere, and no matter how angel-faced and innocent looking your partner may be, chances are, he might be cheating on you. You can choose to confront the situation at the onset, or let it blow over and worry about the consequences later. However, more likely than not, you won’t like how things are going to turn out.


Don’t allow yourself to be hoodwinked. Read about the telltale signs below and you’re sure to find out if your sweetie is betraying you or not.


  • Being Overly Defensive. When you question a guilty person of his whereabouts the previous night, more often than not, he will start throwing accusations at you, like telling you how possessive you are even though it was just the first time you dropped the question. His mission is to put you on a tense mode so the attention will be veered away from him. Thus, start to be wary when your guy suddenly reacts violently with a simple a question as “So, what were you doing last night?”


  • Being Paranoid. Some people feed their partners’ paranoia just to conceal their own infidelities. He will either accuse you of seeing someone else, for you not to get the idea that he’s really the one fooling you. So the next time he starts pointing the finger at you, reply with “Why are you always paranoid, are you sure I have no reasons to be either?” Then see how he reacts. Guilty persons will be taken aback with that kind of question.


  • Being Over Confident. By and large, a show of over confidence usually denotes bluffing. It is because some people think that by acting confident, they can make others believe that they have the power and credibility in everything they say or do. Wrong; because if someone is really certain about what he says or does, there’s no need for him to act all-knowing.


  • Catch the Fish Through It’s Mouth. Although the greatest of liars have already mastered the art of telling a lie by projecting a guiltless look and answer. There are still clue-words to watch out for in his answers to find out if he’s really fibbing or not. The reply “I can't explain anything about that” when you ask him about the reason why he needs to attend an out of town seminar, is a sign that he is avoiding having to give out extra information for fear of being caught.


Answering “I don't remember” when you insist that he tell you where he has been the night his cell phone was out of reach, is a clear-cut sign that he doesn’t care to look back on his unfaithfulness and he needs to end the conversation at once. These replies are just some of the examples identified by a retired Maryland State Police, Investigation and Interviewing and Interrogation expert, in a course titled “Identifying Lies in Disguise.”


However, these are merely indicators that a person might not be telling the truth, so they must not be used as a sole basis for convicting someone. Rather, use them as a signal for you to investigate further to avoid getting duped.


  • Pauses before Answering. If it takes forever for your guy to answer a single question that is answerable by a simple yes or no, then it’s time to switch that radar on. He might still be collecting his thoughts and trying to make up stories to fool you. Wake up and smell the coffee. It’s obvious, even without a cheater detector, and you can automatically sense if he’s doing nasty things behind your back.