Life is a Mind Game Learn How to Play it Well

Life is a Mind Game - Learn How to Play it Well



It is normal to feel emotionally low sometimes, especially during difficult and trying moments.  To dwell in that condition, however, even when the storm has faded away, is unreasonable.  Life is a mind game.  You can either channel your mind to live your life the way you always want it to be or play puppet to the hands of cruel relentless fate.


They say you are what you eat.  That must also be true with your thoughts.  You are what you think.  Your will is an extremely powerful tool that can set the events that will ultimately happen in your life.  Your resolve spells all the difference in the world you tread.  It can either bring you success or misfortune.  Therefore, the best way to do it is to make it work to your advantage.  Learn to control your life through a consistently empowering strength of mind.


Think positive.  Do not ignore life’s harsh reality but always take each occasion with an optimistic mind.  Yes, an awful lot of things can happen to your life but to let such unhealthy thoughts always preoccupy your mind is a sign of a weak resolve.  Do not let your worries get the better of you.  Events will happen if they must.  If you can control them, well and good; if you cannot, there is no need to bother.


Read between the lines.  You need to learn to go beyond what seems to be and decipher what its genuine meaning is.  The petty things that happen in your life might be opportunities for self-discovery and growth.  The simplest things can sometimes bring about the most profound changes.  Learn to read between the lines and unearth beauty even in the most unsightly circumstance.  There has to be something more than just relentless malice.  Life has got to be better than that.  Concentration camp survivors learned this lesson the hard way.  Nevertheless, they tried to squeeze the meaning of their suffering and let hope be their guiding light.  They realized things happen for a reason.


Feed from positive sources.  When you were young, you probably thought once you are done with your formative years in school, education stops.  You discovered it is not the case.  You can never outgrow the need to educate yourself.  Your experiences can get you through tough times, but they are not enough.  You need to embrace other people’s experiences as well.  Life is one big circle of humanity.  Be one with the community.  Contribute and share your personal knowledge.  Study and hear out the rich history of successful people.

You are what you think so it is up to you to take the challenge and live your life according to the merits of your willpower.