Living In Abundance

Living In Abundance



Abundance literally means having great or large quantity, as opposed to scarcity or that condition of having too little. It can mean abundance in a variety of areas like financial abundance or emotional abundance.


There are people who may have just about everything money can buy, but they do not have abundance. Blame it on attitude and a mindset that tends to throw away what is in abundance.


While money is one manifestation of abundance, there are other areas through which abundance can be seen and measured, like good health, peace of mind, mental clarity, and a strong spiritual belief and purpose.


Most people want to bring in more financial abundance in their lives although this type of abundance may be one of the most difficult to achieve. However, giving in to feelings of helplessness in attracting financial abundance may just lead to lesser financial abundance. It is important to create and maintain a mindset that is both positive and determined.


When one is bombarded with financial problems, he spends a lot of time thinking about how and where to get the money, instead of planning on how to spend money wisely. If money is in scarcity and not in abundance, then a person should instead focus on what he can achieve and how many people he can help if he has money.  Worrying about money can get you nowhere and definitely, it cannot get you more money.


Possessing abundance in terms of emotions means one is really fully human, capable of feeling love, joy, hatred and other emotions that humans normally feel. A person who has emotional abundance should not be feeling greater than the others, but such person should have more feelings of sympathy, generosity, love and other emotions that make one fully human.


Being in a state of emotional abundance means being able to possess emotions that bring about a balance in one’s humanity. It means more sympathy than apathy, more tolerant of what others may be feeling in certain circumstances. An emotionally abundant person will have more space in his heart to accept the shortcomings of other people.


Physical abundance means being healthy, robust, and possesses a body that is always attuned to the demands of nature. It means being able to heal the body when it is confronted with sickness or other physical challenges.


There are people who choose to have emotional abundance.  Others choose physical abundance so they will be capable of facing life’s daily challenges. However, there are people who would always welcome financial abundance, not for anything else, but merely because of acute scarcity in this area. Some people may say money is not everything; but try to live for a month without money to buy your food and roof above your head and you will surely sing a different tune after that.


Understandably, most people have money problems and this creates anxiety and panic. There are even people who feel anxious, even though they possess enough financial resources.  


Every person has enough abundance in life; some have financial, health, or emotional abundance. Whatever it is you possess, you just have to learn to appreciate it and use it wisely. It is really a matter of being positive in every way, and in being determined of what one wants in life. It is really a matter of choosing to live a life in abundance, despite the scarcity of some, or most of life’s pleasures.