Living Life the Simple Way

Living Life the Simple Way



Everyone says they want to lead a simple life, but only a few have the guts to walk their talk; because, the truth of the matter is, people have a hard time leaving behind their complicated but ostentatious lives, in exchange for a simple one. But, contrary to the notion, leading a plain and unfussy life doesn’t entail you having to give up all your belongings to go and live among the mountains. Below are some tips that will shed light to the true meaning of living in simplicity.


  • Make a List of All the Things That Complicate Your Life. List down all the things that you think perplex the current status of your life. They can be credit card debts, the huge mortgage on your house, rising taxes, not having enough quality time with family and friends, working 14 hours a day 6 days a week, heavy traffic on your way to the office, numerous appointments and commitments; the lists is endless.


Though some of the previously mentioned things may not outwardly appear to make your life complicated, a lot of them actually make going through the day difficult, without you knowing it. The best way to deal with them is through the process of elimination. After writing down the things that complicate your life, identify which of them you could possibly avoid. Of course, things such as duties and taxes, house loans, and the like, are already beyond your control. But matters like spending too much time in the office, missing a family event, and credit card bills can still be manipulated and better managed if you really want to.


  • Reminisce the Good Old Days. Life today seems to be always played in fast forward. In fact, it’s so fast that, sometimes, people find it hard to cope with its stresses and demands. When everything feels too complicated, press the “Pause” button for a while and backtrack to the good old days -- the time when all you could care about was to play with your neighborhood clique, spend time with your high school buddies, and worry about what to wear on your very first date.


Life was so simple before, yes. No big debts to pay, no insurance companies bugging you; in short, less worries. So, if you are determined to live a simpler life from what you have right now, just remember that anytime you can take a trip down memory lane and recall how carefree you were then. It’s a relaxing exercise that might even help you make better decisions about your life at present.


  • Be Willing to Change. If you really want to change, have the willpower and humility to make some alterations in your life. No one says that change is easy, especially when you have lived grandiosely most of your life. But, you can, if you work hard for it. Switching from complex to simple does not happen overnight so you have to be patient. Recognizing the need for change is step one toward living a less stressful life.


  • Take In and Take Out. When something new comes in, the old goes out. It’s time to rummage through your things and inside your mind and search for whatever is no longer practical and useful. Let go of the things that have ceased to serve their purpose, particularly those that remind you of sad times in the past. If you haven’t used or worn something for a year already, send it on its way to charity organizations, where someone may be able to utilize it more. Clearing your life from clutter frees you from the task of having to worry about organizing them. The same goes for the clutter in your head.


  • Go Low Tech. Come to think of it, having phones, email accounts, and computers at home are already a necessity. Simplifying your life does not mean that you have to go back to the stone age, live inside a cave, and write your term papers using a typewriter, when you have the option to use a computer. We really can’t escape technology, so we really have no choice but to deal with it. However, we also cannot allow it to rule our lives. Go for a walk around the block, read a book, spend a few hours away from the television and stop to smell the roses, literally. You’ll be thankful for the refreshing change.


When life is starting to get you down and all the stresses seem to be engraved into your life, always realize that you are the captain of your ship. You will not feel engulfed by your responsibilities if you don’t let them. It’s easy to say that simplifying your life will do the trick, but actually doing it will require sheer willpower on your part. But, as the saying always goes, if you want it bad enough, the universe will eventually conspire to give it to you. So kick off those shoes and relax.