Look At Plus In Every Minus

Looking At the Plus in Every Minus



Sometimes, the harsh realities of life have lead us into thinking we can’t aspire for too much, or that there’s always a bigger risk of failing. We learn that we can’t always take problems lightly or take things as if they’ll blissfully come to pass.


At times, we develop a negative way of looking at people or situations. For some reason, we find immediate solace in believing that it’s more ‘adult’ to disapprove, pass judgment, or take simple things for granted.


Let’s face it. If you feel as if everything that happens to you is a let down, then there is the slightest chance that you might be the problem - not the situation you’re in and not the person you’re with.


This article will not tell you to make use of all your “positive life force” (whatever that could mean) to condition your mind so you could look at things positively; rather, you will simply see here how you could look at daily experiences in a different way and perhaps turn them right side up.


Here are some situations that we usually run into but certainly wouldn’t want to be in:


1. Sharing your room with your brother or sister.


2. Hearing your partner snore and keeping you up all night.


3. Waking up in the middle of the night to soothe a crying baby.


4. Taking the trash out every night, doing a pile of laundry and needing to press your clothes every weekend; doing the dishes, and having to occasionally clean up your room - its windows and floor.


5. Needing to have your car fixed or detailed.


6. Complaining about straining your eyes from using the computer for a whole day.


7. Having so little time to do your job or homework.


8. Paying taxes.


9. Staying home instead of doing something outdoors.


10. Having clothes that fit a little too tight.


11. Spending so much to buy gifts for others.


12. Hearing your boss complain; looking at the heavy traffic ahead; getting bitten by some insect; trying out that bad tasting food.


13. Walking that extra mile because you couldn’t find a good parking space.


14. Waking up so early in the morning because of a ringing phone.


These situations could give you a hell of a headache. But here’s another way of looking at them:


1. Sharing your room with someone allows you learn the value of trusting each other with your belongings and keeping them orderly.


2. Hearing your partner’s loud snore shows he or she is with you, sharing the same room, and is not with another person.


3. Waking up to the sound of a crying baby means you have someone completely depending on you.


4. Getting the chance to do some household chores shows that you have the money to buy the basics. In addition, getting to take the trash out means you have more than enough to replace the used ones.


5. Paying extra for your car means that you can manage to pay for a private vehicle, and you don’t need to waste time waiting for the next train or leave home early to catch the next bus.


6. Having a computer means you have enough money to afford one.


7. Cramming with scant time to finish up your work implies you have people who trust you into getting that much work done.


8. Paying your due taxes shows you have a job.


9. Getting to stay home (instead of outside) shows that you have a place to stay.


10. Having clothes that fit snugly means you can treat yourself with things you want, and not just need.


11. Spending so much for gifts shows you have many friends around you that you care about.


12. Having to hear someone nag or complain, seeing traffic ahead, feeling the insect bite prick, and trying out that bad food shows you’re lucky enough to enjoy the gift of hearing, seeing, feeling and tasting.


13. Walking that extra mile means you have a pair of legs to take you wherever you want to without having to pay for gasoline.


14. Having to wake up so early in the morning because of a phone ringing means you have another new day to look forward to.


The way you see things will always depend on the way you look at them. Always try to look at the positive side of things – because everything surely has its own.