Looking into a Different Mirror

Looking into a Different Mirror



A powerful witch in a children’s cartoon had this unforgettable line: “Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all?” Have you ever wondered how the mirror would answer if you stand in the witch’s shoes and ask it?


Well, you normally look into a mirror to check out your hair or face or how your clothes fit. Outside appearances in short. What about the “inside appearance” though? This time it will be your personality – the thing that defines you as a person – that will be reflected. It will be a tapestry of emotions that came about to shape your life the way it is right now. How do you think you’ll fare?


Well, first things first, nobody’s perfect so you might find some dark shadows in there. It could be something as unappealing as a shameful secret involving someone or something, a memory that hurt you or even an uncommon hatred towards the neighbor’s dog. It’s done, it’s there and its part of you. Accept it and concentrate instead on the bright parts – find something positive about YOU instead.


Consider these kinds of questions and see if you can find as many ‘YES’ answer as you can: are you reliable? Do you accept responsibilities and stick by them as much as you can? Are you a people-person? Do you get respect? Have you nurtured relationships? Are you prepared for the future? Have you reached some goals or formed new ones lately? And so on. These questions make you see your good points and every ‘YES’ is a thing to be proud of.


You might ask why. What’s the use as it feels awfully like cataloging pros and cons for your own press release or recommendation letter. Well that’s precisely what you need to do! Promote yourself and say “Hey, not bad. I got something good going here.”  Congratulate yourself on what you’ve done so far and feel good about it. Knowing that about you builds your character and generates a good sense of your own worth. This healthy self-esteem, in turn, projects a good confident image. You are your best asset, your best PR person and your best man or woman. If you believe in yourself, others will too. With these assets in your corner, you have an advantage to those who can only see up to their outside appearance alone. Remember, looks fade but character remains forever.   


So you don’t need to stand before the witch’s magic mirror to get the answer. Smile and say “I am the fairest of them all.”