Lose Weight through Self

Lose Weight through Self-Affirmation



Are you tired of getting those extra pounds off of you?  You’re working your way to the gym but still, those bulging bellies keep on coming back.  You’re just being stressed out.


You have been through several diet programs but you’re never satisfied.  You just starve but nothing happens.  What could be the problem?


Yes, it is true that exercise and reducing food intake will cause one to lose weight.  But how come, that there are some people who can’t be successful burning their fat away, given that they do regular exercises?  Maybe, the reason would be they lack self-affirmation.  


What does self-affirmation mean?  It is synonymous to self-confirmation.  It is simply convincing yourself that a positive result will come out.  


Why do you need to convince yourself?  This is so because it boosts your confidence.  Once your confidence is enhanced, you will eventually see the positive results of your hard work.   


So if you want to lose those extra fats off your waist, thighs, arms and back, and if you want to feel sexy and beautiful, you have to have yourself affirmed.  Be determined!  The solution is in you.  


If you feel good about yourself, you would really look good both in and out.  It has been proven.  Besides, if you don’t feel good, your mood will definitely affect your appearance.


How To Lose Weight Through Self-Affirmation


Here are some tips by which you can lose weight effectively with self-affirmation:


The most excellent means of getting rid of excess fat is a regular workout and a healthy balanced diet.  However, this won’t work for you when you do not enjoy it.  You have to enjoy what you’re doing.  Decide on activities that provide you pleasure.  Apply simple and enjoyable exercises.  


Moral support would also be of great help. You may find it from your loved ones.  Encouragements would definitely help you enhance your morale.  You yourself can instruct your mind, have a positive outlook towards what you’re doing.


Give yourself an incentive.  Buy new stuffs like a pair of sexy shorts, miniskirt, blouse or dress.  Those that will satisfy you, and will make you more confident.  Refrain from buying chocolates as your prize.


Considering yourself on a diet doesn’t mean that you will not eat at all.  Surely you can eat when you get hungry.  Just don’t eat when you feel like you’re just craving.  


Go for a healthy balanced diet.  Eat fruits and leafy veggies, especially those that are high in protein.  Reduce fatty and oily foods.  Accompany your diet with a regular physical exercise and of course set your mind that you’ll be able to lose weight, it’s just a matter of time.  


Have in mind that losing weight will not be acquired overnight.  Motivate yourself and have faith.  Do away your worries, affirm yourself every now and then.


You can affirm yourself in the morning, in the evening, when you’re working and even when you’re not.  You can convince yourself that you’ll be able to do it. Mind over matter.  Be determined.


Don’t entertain cravings for food.  Divert your mind and concentrate.  Realize that you’re on a diet.  Have presence of mind, perseverance and be disciplined.  


It doesn’t mean that when you’re getting slimmer, you are free to eat whatever you want.  Don’t be easily satisfied.  Besides, what you’re doing is healthy.  Maintain a good figure before you feel sorry for yourself.