Losing your identity

Losing your identity when you are in LOVE?

This article is for those who are in love and are experiencing this amazing feeling of being in love. Life is just wonderful and both of you are having the time of your life. Days pass and things settle into a routine. You admire him and he admires you, both of you want to please each other. It has been a harmonious relationship because you adjust with him and like him for what he is. Sometimes this is where things start to break up. Do your friends feel that you have changed after having started this relationship? Do you notice how different your attitude is from what it used to be? Do you notice you’re doing a lot of things he likes, but completely different from what you used to like?

These are just small alarms, a time to find out, if you’re really enjoying doing things that you want he wants you to do; whether it is about wearing simple clothes, using less make up, partying less, shift jobs so you can make sometime for him etc. Love is always considered as a mutual relationship of caring, mutual respect for each other and thus sacrifice and compromise to make each other happy and contended. Compromise is a very important aspect of a love relationship. It maybe small things and it’s all about doing things for your partner would like, at the same being yourself. If you aren’t enjoying doing such things, then it doesn’t mean you aren’t in love. It is important to be yourself, only then can you enjoy. It is again important to know your partner well and be accommodating at most times but to a level beyond which you would need to be yourself.

Many times women in a relationship stop talking to their long time male friends in fear of partner not trusting her. It become tough for her as she looses someone whom she genuinely enjoyed talking to and had a clean relationship. Instead of this she could’ve introduced her friend to her partner, made him comfortable, this could’ve made things a lot easier for both. If you love going to parties, and your partner hates it, you need not be submissive and not go for it. Instead, talk to each other, find out what each other likes doing and create space for each other so that end of the day you both respect each other and stay happy. When in love there is a tendency of doing lot things for the other person, in the process one forgets one’s self. That is a real issue and you will not be absolutely happy forgetting yourself. If someone likes you, it is for what you are; so DON’T CHANGE YOURSELF.

Love yourself first. Only then can you love someone else wholeheartedly. Love what your independence and your opinions. You may not be perfect, and no one is. When you are in a relationship, communicate. Communication can make or break a relationship. Talk things out to each other. Let them know you need your space. Involve your partner in things you like and let them know why it makes you happy. If you compromise for your partner all the time and do things you don’t really enjoy, you will start hating things and eventually it will affect your relationship. Don’t loose your identity in the process of loving someone. Be yourself, it surely can make your love life an amazing experience for life.