Love Life Can Lead to Career Development

Why Motivation and Inspiration from Love Life Can Lead to Career Development



Renaissance poet John Donne's famous line – no man is an island – succinctly describes man's innate dependence on relationships and social structures. Human beings, just as most species in the animal kingdom, also need other people's company, love, appreciation and approval.


Most, if not all, books, essays, poems, stories, myths, traditions that man have created all these countless years are either inspired by or about relationships – family, country, and, most especially, romantic connections. Even murder and war stories are made more interesting and real by adding paramour links between characters.


The human being's preoccupation with romantic liaisons is proof that man needs a special person to inspire him or her to succeed in whatever endeavor and venture he or she takes on. A loving and passionate relationship with someone usually brings out the best in all of us. Furthermore, it gives us more motivation to be on top, to make our loved one proud of us.


We have seen in newspapers and television news programs that an unharmonious relationship between husbands and wives, or partners, lead to depression, self-destruction, and even bloody endings. Such incidents will make us conclude that a person cannot properly thrive in a work environment if his or her personal relationship is in shambles.


Most of the time, career development can be partly attributed to a healthy married life or a rewarding and inspiring love relationship. Although determination, patience and hard work are also factors in getting ahead of the corporate rat race, living in a loving and supportive atmosphere at home will help make an individual motivated to strive and aspire for more.


Here are some reasons why a harmonious and inspiring love life can boost your career:


Amorous relationships inspire us all


People need a loving relationship to help prompt them to do their best, much like poets and artists need their muse to produce lyrical phrases and artistic masterpieces. Franklin Roosevelt wouldn't be able to snap out of his depression as result of his physical condition if not for the gentle urging and inspiration of his wife, Eleanor.


In contrast, some individuals with strained relationships with their wife, husband, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend lack the motivation to do well in other aspects of life, including their career. Instead, a number of broken-hearted people resort to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain that they feel.


Although the state of a person's love life is not directly responsible for his or her achievement or demise, it is, in a roundabout way, a factor in his or her success or failure.


Harmonious and loving relationships encourages us to focus on our career.


In order to be the best you can be, you need the support and unconditional love of your partner. Most committed people who are driven and focused in succeeding in their careers usually have healthy and harmonious relationship with their lovers.


On the contrary, those experiencing difficulties in their relationships are usually distracted and out of focus. Sometimes individuals having love-related problems cannot perform even simple tasks, such as answering the phone or encoding a letter. Pain caused by broken marriages or relationship splits usually drive people to depression.


Even if you don't acknowledge it, the state of your personal and love life hugely affects your productivity and creativity. A happy and fulfilling relationship with the person you love will drive you to be the best and can help you overcome obstacles in your career. Although a supportive and loving relationship is not the only key to career development, it is an important factor to make us believe in our capabilities.