Loving Your Body No Matter What Shape it is

Loving Your Body: No Matter What Shape it is



If experimenting on the south beach diet, attending fitness classes, and starving yourself to death didn’t work for you, then, maybe, it’s time to accept the fact that you really have a big, or small, body frame. Nevertheless, regardless of your shape, your body remains a temple that should be celebrated. Here are some ways to help ease out the feelings of low self esteem your body is causing you, and how to stand up and take pride on your figure, no matter what size or shape it has.


  • Be Kind to Yourself. Enough with the verbal abuse! Stop saying “I’m so fat” “I wish I have bigger chest” and the like. You will never achieve the body you want if you keep on harassing yourself with these insults. Instead of telling anybody who cares to listen how bad you think your abs are getting or how you hate  that your collarbone is an unsightly view whenever you wear off-shoulder tops, why not radiate in your attitude how pretty and fabulous you are, no matter how skinny and fat you may be.


  • Highlight Your Assets. Do you have a pair of beautiful eyes or a crowning glory to die for? Then, instead of focusing on the flaws on your figure, try to draw attention to the parts of your body that brings out the best in you. Use an eye shadow color that complements your personality, or wear a bright-colored shirt to help boost your mood for the day. Do you have nice feet? Wear open-toed sandals and show them off. The more you focus on the good, the more you’ll forget about the not-so-good.


  • Find the Right Clothes. Instead of mourning over the clothes you can’t wear, try to scour the mall and consult magazines for outfits that best suit your body now. You don’t need to be skinny to look great and glamorous. With the right choice of clothing and accessories, no one will even bother to take notice of your shape. They’ll just be appreciative of how cool you are to successfully pull the style off.


  • Realize That You Are Attractive. If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. From now on look at yourself in the mirror every opportunity you can and tell yourself how beautiful you are. You can even buy sexy lingerie for yourself and enjoy the view fronting a full-length mirror. Never mind the stretch marks and fats, what you need to focus on more is how wonderfully God has created you.


  • Don’t Get Easily Influenced By Magazines and TV. As we all know, television and magazines are great source of frustration, especially among teenagers. They give people the image of a perfect body and dictate how we should define beauty. This usually results in depression when it cannot be achieved. Avoid over indulging yourself into magazines, as well, as they basically have the same effect as television. While there is nothing wrong with reading magazines or watching television, worshiping the models and actors that you see and making them the benchmark for your dream body isn’t healthy.


In being happy with your own body, the key is to be your own role model. Forget about what the media says is beautiful. All of us are created in unique ways that cannot be replicated by any other person and this is what makes each one of us beautiful. Highlight your strong points and divert your attention away from the things you don’t like. Keeping a positive attitude about yourself and your physical appearance will make all the difference in the world.